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Форум сайта gossipgirlonline.ru » Сериал Gossip Girl » 4 сезон » Что пишут (Статьи, интервью, заметки, фотографии о четвертом сезоне)
Что пишут
Cyon80Дата: Понедельник, 16.05.2011, 16:24 | Сообщение # 136
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Tika Sumpter Talks Gossip Girl, Three Minute Showers

Tika Sumpter plays Raina Thorp on CW's Gossip Girl. She joined this cast this season. Tika talked to Better about the show and about taking three minute showers. Tika says she can't reveal anything about the season finale. Tika says she is taking The Body Shop's three minute shower challenge, which was launched on Earth Day. Take a look:

Моё "люблю" слишком дорого стоит... Говорю это редко и мало кому
Cyon80Дата: Вторник, 17.05.2011, 00:05 | Сообщение # 137
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'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Memorable Moments and Quotable Quotes of the Season

Once upon a time, on New York's wealthiest and bitchiest side, the Upper East, there lived princes and princesses who floundered around the city in fabulous attire, attending exclusive soirees and biting into unpronounceable delicacies. One day, however, these royals found themselves void of fairies, wearing drab outfits, going to dull events and being too busy tracking down the deceased or getting tied up and possibly set on fire to eat anything. Oh, the events that can transpire over the course of one season of Gossip Girl.

The season finale, "The Wrong Goodbye," airs tonight, and although we have the comfort (or threat) of knowing that Gossip Girl has been renewed for a fifth season, it already feels like we've said goodbye to the characters we loved to hate, au revoir to the gorgeous city lights, adieu to storylines that made any semblance of sense. Kiss Gossip Girl goodbye, say hello to the latest nighttime soap opera.

But perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe, by some sheer act of God or Georgina Sparks, this show can be salvaged. With just one episode left, perhaps the characters can rise above the ashes (quite possibly speaking in literal terms, here) and be resurrected as the fabulous, dramatic, lovably loathsome individuals they once were (instead of just plain loathsome). That being said, there were some stand-out moments of greatness this season. Let's look back on those, shall we?

15) Summer in Paris

As soon as Gossip Girl returned in September -- in Paris, no less -- we were blessed with outrageous excitement. The show felt fresh in a new atmosphere -- everyone was tanner, cattier and dressed much more expensively. Any vacation that features Chuck Bass as a waiter and Serena being pushed into a fountain is a good one. Not to mention, Blair and Chuck's tearful goodbye at the train station will go down as one of the most beautiful Chair scenes in recent history (not that there are many to choose from.)

"It takes more than even you to destroy Blair Waldorf."
Blair, on her indestructibility and general badassery

14) Trying to prove the characters actually attend college

It was adorable when the writers struggled in trying to prove that anyone went to college, especially since the only justifications they had in showing a college campus were when Serena was sneaking around with her professor or Dan was getting tested for an STD.

"I mean who would lie to Gossip Girl about something like that?"
"Do you really want a list? Because I don't know if I have that kind of time."
Serena and Blair, discussing the likely endless list of suspects who want to take Serena down a peg

13) Siblings join forces to bring down ... their mother

Well, who can even tell whether or not Serena and Chuck are siblings anymore, but watching Serena dress up as Lily (in what is no doubt the most conservative outfit she's worn all her life) and hearing Chuck's inappropriate jokes about how arousing he found the entire ordeal, made their attempt to take down Lily one of the most hilarious moments of the season.

"All I have in my pile are divorce papers, jewelry and artful nudes of my mother in her groupie days."
"Swap piles?"
Chuck to Serena, proving he really has no qualms when it comes to his incest fantasies

12) The amount of psychopaths running around Manhattan

Remember when our naive New Yorkers had to worry about the Georgina Sparkses, Poppy Liftons and Bree Buckleys of the world? Well this season, the guest stars have really upped the Crazy Meter to full-fledged pill-popping insanity, causing the cast to be more flustered and befuddled than you were when you first read 'Bree Buckley' and had no idea who I was referring to. Now, instead of having to deal with simple social-climbing or boyfriend-stealing, the Upper East Siders have to worry about being drugged at masquerade balls or having their identities stolen by crazy cousins. Sure, the plotlines are outrageous, but at least they're more entertaining than the Is-My-Mother-Dead-Or-Not game that Chuck and Raina are so fond of.

"You didn't need to have your cousin make me look like a crazy, jealous bitch to Dan."
"Oh, you don't need any help with that."
Vanessa and Serena, proving that the arrival of psychos really brings out the inner-insanity

11) Georgina pregnant with Lonely Boy's baby!

Well not really, of course, because in the end it all just happened to be one of Georgina's twisted web of lies, but at least we got to see the Queen of Deception one more time before she skulked away, only to undoubtedly strike again in the season finale. This storyline also reminded us that Dan indeed has a heart, as he refused to believe the baby wasn't his -- until he tearfully watched as Milo was taken away from him.

"I know you think I'm crazy -- that I'm a schemer and a liar and pathologically selfish, and that's true! Or it was until Milo was born."
Georgina Sparks, using her baby as a last-ditch attempt to get people to believe here

10) Flashbacks to Serena's oft-mentioned boarding school shenanigans

Downing absinthe, manipulating nerds into doing her homework and trying to seduce her boarding school professor was all in a day's work for Flashback Serena - who is twice as entertaining as Current Serena. Sure, she might not have had the strongest moral compass, but peeking into the dangerous side Serena's always trying to keep under wraps actually made me enjoy her character more. The cherry on top was that the person exposing these salacious stories was Damien Dalgaard -- the very nerd she was manipulating in boarding school to begin with.

"Look, I think I figured it out. OK, Serena had an affair with her teacher because, let's face it, it's Serena and what else is there to do in Connecticut? Then she came to her senses and discarded him like last season's Chanel booties. Then he became a crazy stalker and Serena pressed charges."
Blair, coming up with a logical summary of the life of Serena van der Woodsen

9) Jenny returning more mischievous than ever

After a brutal showdown with Blair and getting deflowered by Chuck, Jenny fled the city to pursue her former self -- the less angsty girl she once was, whose eyes used to be visible beneath all that eye shadow. But when she returned to New York, supposedly reformed, Blair pushed her further over the edge than ever before, causing "Gothic Barbie" to unwittingly assist in Juliet's demented plan of drugging Serena and leaving her for dead. At least Little J got to leave with the satisfaction of knowing she's morally superior to Chuck and Blair. Those Humphreys learn pretension so quickly!

"I thought I could change and I didn't. So I think the best thing for me to do is go. And stay gone."
Jenny Humphrey, speaking in favor of the majority of Gossip Girl fans

8) Juliet finally getting taken down

Juliet may have been one of the most manipulative, dangerous, and destructive villains Gossip Girl has ever seen, so we felt relieved when everyone finally saw her for the fraud she really was and decided to turn on her at the ballet. What made the victory even sweeter was that the Non-Judging Breakfast Club circled around her like vultures as they banished her from Columbia and threatened her if she ever returned.

"How would I ever believe anything you say again?"
"Well you can believe the part where she does her own hair."
Nate and Blair, finally voicing what everyone had been thinking since Juliet arrived

7) Damien Dalgaard. In general.

Everything about this frustrating and enigmatic recurring character seems to leave the audience wanting more, whether he's forcing innocent men behind bars, selling drugs to preppies, pretending to date Eric van der Woodsen, attempting to deflower high school girls, or confessing his father's drug problems. None of the Upper East Siders know if they can trust him, and frankly we don't either. What exactly is behind his mischievous smirk? How did he go from boarding school nerd to bad boy prince in just a few years? Hopefully the writers bring him back -- at least for a while -- to give us another glimpse into the fascinating and confusing life of Damien Dalgaard.

"You say potato, judge says pedophile."
Damien, reciting what should be a new tagline for the show

6) Chuck creating a fake identity instead of working through his issues

How realistic is it that once a New Yorker realizes the life he's leading is a reckless one, instead of actually improving his personality and powering through his issues, he creates an entire fake identity to try and cover up who he is. It was certainly entertaining to watch Chuck roam Paris dressed like Ryan Atwood, serving wine out of barrels and calling himself Henry, but we're glad he came to his senses. Purple looks much better on him than sweat, and at least accepting himself as none other than Chuck Bass let him apologize properly to Blair.

"I'd rather have nothing than be Chuck Bass."
Chuck, boo-hooing about the miserable life of a twenty-year-old millionaire

5) Rachel Zoe getting doused in chocolate

Anyone who knows anything about the fashion industry probably knows who Rachel Zoe is -- and if you know who she is, you probably couldn't help laughing out loud when she accidentally covered herself in a fountain of chocolate at Blair's infamous party. Don't worry, though, Rachel didn't actually consume any of it -- obviously.

"It's Blair's 20th birthday, and I'm still acting like an eighth grader."
Dan, describing the lives of literally every character on the show

4) The Dan and Nate Bromance

Despite their relentless issues in the past (class warfare, love triangles, hooking up with certain under-aged siblings), Dan and Nate's 'friendship' -- wherein they played videogames, wore matching outfits, and ditched their girlfriends to hang out with each other -- really blossomed into full-on chemistry this season. Step aside Eric, there are new gays in town and they're taking over - not to mention, they look better in flannel!

"Yeah yeah, I missed you too ... no hugs."
Nate Archibald to Dan, on homosexuality and his severe case of denial

3) Serena and Blair realize that all B deserves is happiness

It was a touching moment when Blair lectured Serena for taking Chuck's side after everything he put her through, and it was even more touching when Blair admitted that all she wanted was to be happy - to escape the never-ending misery she became accustomed to when she was with Chuck. Serena later apologized sincerely and realized that all she wants is for her best friend to be happy. And just like that, the two are besties again, fighting for each other, against all odds... Well, at least for now.

"Oh! Yes! Because all this elation was nearly meaningless without being able to talk to you about it!"
Blair, on the real reason she wants to be with Prince Louis: to rub it in her best friend's face

2) Dan and Nate make Serena's choice for her

After having the boys wrapped around her finger all summer while she was off gallivanting with numerous French suitors, Serena returned to the city thinking she had the liberty of choosing between Nate and Dan, as if they'd wait around for her all summer. And even though they sort of did wait around for her all summer, at least they stuck it to her by diving into other relationships. For once, the girl who was used to getting everything didn't get the guy(s) in the end.

"It's like choosing between éclairs and Napoleons, they're both delicious!"
"Except Humphrey's a doughnut."
Serena and Blair, comparing tasty boys with tasty foods they stopped eating a long time ago

1) Dair.

Now I know this is up for (a much-heated) debate, and I'm not saying Dan and Blair make the perfect couple or that they're destined to be together. In fact, come series finale, I could care less whether or not they end up together. But you know what they do have together? Fun. Watching them trade insults, bicker back and forth, grin playfully at each other from across the room - it made me actually want to tune in every week just to see where their friendship was going. Gossip Girl felt fresh, the dialogue was witty, and the actors seemed rejuvenated ... which is why I really hope the writers revisit the what-could-have-been relationship between Dan and Blair and give them more time to at least snark about how much they loathe each other. And even if the writers leave Dair behind, a forgotten relic and just another trashed storyline, at least we'll have one reason to re-watch season four.

Do you agree? Disagree? Tell me in the comments below what you miss most about the show. What do you still love about it? And what were your favorite moments?


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Please Don't Let Chuck Bass Take Over The Hotel Chelsea Too

A while back it was reported that the beleagured Hotel Chelsea finally had an interested buyer who was not Ian Schrager. But no one knew exactly who this mystery buyer was, until now.

WSJ reports that it is New York real-estate investor Joseph Chetrit, the man who is responsible for the recent turnaround of the Empire Hotel aka Chuck Bass' hotel on Gossip Girl. And despite the presence of long-term tenants, Chetrit is going to keep the Hotel Chelsea a hotel.

Mr. Chetrit intends to keep it as a hotel, upgrading and modernizing it, according to people familiar with the matter. That will likely come as some relief to the hotel's regular tenants and other fans of the 127-year-old property who had been worried a new owner might convert it into condominiums.

Interestingly, Chetrit did the same thing at the Empire hotel where he placed some of the previous long-term tenants into renovated rooms and allowed them to live there rent-free. Did the Hotel Chelsea tenants just totally luck out? Possibly. (But still, no orgies allowed.)

Either way, we're excited to see some new life, and money, pumped into this fading property. We just hope it remains an artist's kind of hotel. That means no Chuck Bass, please.


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Небольшая статья и голосование:

Sound Off! Did Blair End up With the Right Guy in the Gossip Girl Season 4 Finale?

by Laura Case
Related: Relationships, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass
Arguably, it isn't entirely Blair’s (Leighton Meester) choice. In the end, she finds herself with Prince Louis (Hugo Becker), still engaged and on her way to a royal wedding in November. Kate Middleton, eat your heart out?
Not so fast. Before hopping on the Monaco royal yacht, B sleeps with Chuck (Ed Westwick) — at a bar mitzvah, no less — and almost throws her lot back in with her Dark Knight.

But the true culprit for a failed Chair reunion is Chuck himself, who loves his Queen B so much he wants her to be happy... with a man suitable for the job. In other words, a dude who doesn’t get hammered and punch windows. He knows that the steadfastly loyal, even-keeled prince fits the bill, so he makes Blair’s decision for her. Hold the phone, is ol’ Charles outgrowing his Basshole phase?

Chuck’s reasoning is pretty simple: Louis waited an entire night for Blair, whereas Chuck only stuck around for two extra minutes on top of the Empire State Building. Apparently, time is the ultimate decider.

Or is it? A certain Blair Waldorf may very well be preggers, which could determine her happily/unhappily ever after.

Плесень размножается спорами...Не спорьте с плесенью :)))))
барышняДата: Вторник, 17.05.2011, 11:40 | Сообщение # 140
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Еще одно голосование о финале :


Gossip Girl Season 4 Finale Cliffhangers: Who's Pregnant — and What's the Deal With Ivy?

Several weeks ago, Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran spilled to TVLine, “Every finale is a game-changer, but this one really is spinning everyone off in new ways that will be apparent as you watch it.”

“The road map for all of the characters will be very clear,” he added. “[But] that’s not to say there won’t multiple cliffhangers.”

He wasn’t lying.

In the last few minutes of Season 4, we learn two gasp-worthy tidbits: “Charlie” (Kaylee DeFer) is not who she says she is — no wonder she was able to scheme with the best of ‘em after only a couple days on the UES! — and someone (Blair? C’est possible?) is with child.

If Blair (Leighton Meester) is preggers, who’s the baby-daddy: Chuck (Ed Westwick) or Prince Louis (Hugo Becker)? Or — OMG! — did Blair and Dan (Penn Badgley) do more than just kiss? And if the pregnancy test isn’t Blair’s, whose is it?

Plus, who in the heckers is Ivy, the gal Carol Rhodes paid to play her daughter and get embroiled in UES politics so that she could gain access to Charlie’s trust fund? One thing’s for sure: We’ve got a new troublemaker on our hands, one who has already found a kindred spirit in Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) — and one who pilfered a few checks from Mama Rhodes. Scary stuff indeed. (Point to ponder: Why did the whole Single White Female act have to feature into her dastardly plan? We suppose Gossip Girl’s answer is always “Why not?”)

Плесень размножается спорами...Не спорьте с плесенью :)))))
Cyon80Дата: Вторник, 17.05.2011, 14:25 | Сообщение # 141
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GOSSIP GIRL “The Wrong Goodbye” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “The Wrong Goodbye” Season 4 Episode 22 – What did you think of tonight’s season finale episode? I was completely taken surprise by the cliffhanger, although I can’t really see Blair being pregnant.

Serena: I thought it was nice of Serena to apologize to Dan and Nate for leading them on. Maybe this will be the start of a new, more mature, Serena? I felt bad for Serena at the Constance ball when everyone seemed so disappointed in her. I enjoyed the scene at the end – do you think Serena might have found a new career in film?

Chuck and Blair: Was Blair and Chuck’s split the wrong goodbye in your opinion? I thought it was romantic when Chuck saved Blair from Russell and they shared a dance (and a little more) afterward. It’s frustrating to me that they keep going after each other and then they decide it’s not meant to be and then one of them inevitably calls it off. I think both of them are in love with the chase more than they are in love with one another. I actually hope Blair ends up marrying Louis since it would be completely unpredictable. I don’t think that she will actually be pregnant, do you?

Nate: I am hoping that Nate is more interesting next season. It’s a shame that Raina went home to Chicago because I liked the two of them together. Do you think Nate was a good friend to Chuck this season? I felt like he was a bad friend but out stupidity, not spite. It was really dumb of him to tell Raina about her father as it almost got Blair killed. It was also not cool of him to date Raina since he was Chuck’s ex. What do you think?

Dan and Vanessa: Dan is going to be so upset when he finds out what Vanessa did. What I want to know is if Vanessa is going to tell Dan what she did or just pocket his checks? Vanessa was probably my least favorite character of the season. After reading Dan’s book, she accused him of wanting into the upper east side more than even his sister. Be that as it may, I feel like Vanessa is just as bad as Dan, if not worse. I hope that next season she finally starts returning back to normal.

Twist: One of the biggest twists of the night is that Charlie isn’t Charlie, she’s Ivy. Say Whaaa? So what was all that about? It looks like Serena’s aunt concocted an elaborate scheme to get some of the family money. I loved that Georgina was on to her. I have to admit, I actually missed Georgina and I hope to see more of her next season.

For me, season 4 of Gossip Girl did not disappoint and was good right up through tonight’s show. What did you think? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, as well as your thoughts on season 4 and what you hope to see in season 5.

Моё "люблю" слишком дорого стоит... Говорю это редко и мало кому
Cyon80Дата: Вторник, 17.05.2011, 14:27 | Сообщение # 142
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'Gossip Girl' Fan Columnist: Chuck Grows Up, Blair Plans Wedding!

After struggling through a few rough patches, last night's season finale actually went out with quite a bang -- and by bang, I don't mean gunshots (like last year). Sure, some moments were absolutely atrocious -- especially towards the beginning -- but by the end of the night, Gossip Girl landed on solid ground and reestablished itself as a sultry and salacious show worthy of anticipation.

"The Wrong Goodbye" tied up loose ends while also paving the way for new mysteries. While I think the first half of the episode was outlandish (and not in a good way), I do think it was necessary. At least now all the snore-inducing plotlines have been tied up as prettily as one of Blair's long-forgotten bows. But are more snore-inducing plotlines on their way?

I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes)

In a scene straight out of Batman, Chuck dramatically busts the door down in order to rescue Blair from Russell Thorpe's grubby clutches -- which just happen to be wrapped around a lighter, ready to set the room ablaze. It's really Raina who does all the saving, however, when she offers her father an apology just long enough to snatch the lighter away from him ... only to then confess that she'll never speak to him again, but that he'll have lots of time to dwell on his misdeeds in prison.

Now that the writers have stretched that storyline as far as it will go, Raina's stint on Gossip Girl is over -- not that anyone is exactly bawling, least of all Nate, who gently pats her on the back a few times as a goodbye.

Screenwriting an Apology

Blair thanks Chuck for saving her life the only way she knows how -- by having sex with him in a room adjacent to a bar mitzvah! Meanwhile, loyal Louis is still waiting for her at the Constance Billard reunion, completely oblivious to the chaos that's surrounding him. While Serena, Dan and Vanessa frantically search the school for Charlie -- bumping into Georgina Sparks, the Junior Plastics, and Cecily von Ziegesar on the way -- Charlie is climbing over a window, allegedly attempting suicide.

Luckily, Serena talks her off the ledge and then has some sort of epiphany in which she realizes all of the things fans have been saying about her -- that she's indecisive, self-absorbed, and reckless -- so she apologizes to both Dan and Nate for stringing them along last summer and vows to be a better person. Gossip Girl, meet self-awareness. It is your friend.

If It Hadn't Been for Love

When Blair and Chuck finally turn up at Constance, Louis gives them one glance and realizes what transpired. Something tells me, however, that he's as desperate for a fairytale as Blair is, because he instantly erases it from his mind once Chuck tells him how happy he is to see them moving on together. I'll be the first to admit, I haven't exactly been Chuck's number one cheerleader this season, but as he told Blair she'd be better off without him, I did see something in him that I've never seen before: nobility.

The fact that he acknowledges how quickly he gave up on their relationship proves that maybe, someday down the road, they can move past this. (However, I didn't like the fact that everyone kept saying how mature Chuck was becoming. The writers really need to stop telling us what to feel and congratulating themselves for doing so.) Chuck's face, a mixture of heartache and contentment, as Blair walked away with Louis, was utter perfection.

That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On

The theme for the summer -- and the entire episode, as evidenced by the title -- is saying goodbye. Blair and Chuck say goodbye, maybe for good. Vanessa and Dan say goodbye as well, after having a heated argument over his personal novel, which she discovered. Inside, as the book is called, is a satire about the Upper East Side and Dan's yearning to fit into it. Nate and Chuck say goodbye to New York and decide to traverse the globe at random. Vanessa says goodbye to the show, as she's moving to Barcelona -- after anonymously having Dan's book published.

Meanwhile, Charlie says hello to home ... or should I say Ivy does? Since apparently Aunt Carol's been paying 'Charlie' to pretend to be her daughter -- all a complex ruse to gain access to her trust fund. And Serena says hello to employment when she bumps into a hunky screenwriter in Montecito (she also apparently becomes a screenwriter by simply spouting a few quotes). But worst of all, it seems like someone will be saying hello to a baby, since there happens to be a pregnancy test in the Waldorf's waste bin -- a test that reads 'positive.'

Despite its many flaws, I rather enjoyed last night's finale, and I'm certainly anticipating the show's return in the fall. I may have started to lose faith in Gossip Girl for a second there -- but I understood its downhill spiral. I know things change. Actors grow tired, writers grow bored and the novelty wears off. The clock strikes twelve. But hopefully things start picking back up, now that we have various promising storylines to look forward to -- and a few not-so-promising ones. But hey, that's what these sites are here for. To gossip about the gossip.


И небольшое голосование после статьи

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'Gossip Girl' recap: The Truth About Charlie

Chuck and Blair reconcile, then break up; Charlie reveals a huge surprise.
Was that the finale of Gossip Girl or a fever dream I had brought on my wicked allergies? Holy Alexander Wang!!! That was a lot. I mean there was deception (Hi Charlie), suicide attempts (Hi Charlie), and even celebrity cameos (Hi David O. Russell). And we said goodbye to Vanessa who jetted off to Spain but not before doing (and saying) some truly ridiculous things. My question is: Will we ever see Jenny Humphrey again? I’m guessing not until the series finale. Or until Little J purchases all of the ripped tights and bad hair extensions in Hudson and needs to pay a visit to the island of Manhattan. What will come first?

Vanessa and Serena continued their very brief truce in the effort to find Charlie before she went full-throttle wacko. So apparently Charlie pulled a Single White Female on her last roomie and it did not end well. Hmmm. Who could have predicted that? Oh wait—me. But the best part was that Serena continued to wear an elaborate ball gown throughout all of this drama, despite her trip home. Like she couldn’t quick change into a pair of Current/Elliot jeans and a standard boob-baring blouse?

At the party, Dan just seemed to kind of wander about until he finally ran into Nate who seemed equally lost. Then, they talked about what a big kook Charlie turned out to be. Ah fun times. Ace detective Dan Humphrey finally realized Charlie Crazypants was on the dance floor, doing the Lambada with a dude and a bottle of vodka. Is that really surprising she parties like a drunken Tri Delt? I mean she is from Florida after all. Also much like a Tri Delt, Charlie turns out to be a mean drunk and shoves Dan out of her way kinda similar to how Teresa Giudice manhandled Andy Cohen at the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion last year.

So Charlie disappeared and we were short one loon but then Georgina showed back up at the Constance party and the balance of Crazytown was restored. Frankly, I missed the bitch. She’s sooooo much fun. I vote for her to become a regular next season or at least come back more often. This show needs more villains. Apparently, Georgina has been living the life of a Stepford wife and is bored out of her mind (her actual words: “I haven’t been this bored since I believed in Jesus.”). She begged to be involved in the search for Charlie but no one wanted her on their team; it was kinda me in gym class when they were choosing dodge ball teams. Sniff.

Once they arrived at the party, Vanessa then abruptly left to go look for Charlie and Serena continued to work that awesome dress at the party. She ran into Headmistress Queller (hanging with a cameo-ing Cecily von Ziegesar) who basically told her she was a disappointment although not quite as bluntly. Such a supportive school! Also, when did Serena exhibit such promise? After she accidentally helped that dude overdose? Anyways, Serena finally found Charlie upstairs in one of the reading rooms looking like she was ready to jump out the window. But Serena talked her down of course. Naturally, after being talked out of suicide, Charlie only wanted to talk further about Serena and wondered whom she would have picked between Nate and Dan. Maybe we should take this girl home and get her medicated instead of playing The Dating Game?!

NEXT: We learn a giant secret about Charlie!

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Top OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Episode "The Wrong Goodbye"

Моё "люблю" слишком дорого стоит... Говорю это редко и мало кому
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Battle Hymn Of The Mother Chucker

By Jacob | Season 4 | Episode 22 | Aired on 2011.05.16

So what's going on with Georgina Sparks is that she's got herself a UES husband to take care of her baby, but it turns out that being Rufus is boring, so when she comes to the Constance Alumni Fundraiser despite never having gone there, she's immensely excited to find everybody running around and screaming and on fire. Why are they in such a tizz?

Well, nobody can find Charlie because she's off her meds and stomping around the place drinking vodka straight, and nobody can find Blair because she's being held hostage in Brooklyn by the shambles of Russell Thorpe, who plans on blowing them both to hell. Shortly thereafter, Serena has talked Charlie off a literal ledge, while Nate and Raina have stood around watching while Chuck rescues Blair. That's when things get interesting. (Raina takes off back to Chicago, but that isn't the interesting part.)

Blair and Chuck, en route to the fundraiser -- where Prince Louis is waiting, stalwart, for his Princess Bride-to-be -- stop off to have some childlike fun at a bar mitzvah, then some grownup fun in a room adjacent to the bar mitzvah. Upon returning to the party and finding Louis still there, Chuck decides that Blair would be better off actually being happy with Louis instead of crazy and scary with him, and after some tearful goodbyes she agrees. Nate buys Chuck this antique globe and makes him pick a spot on it where they can go and then spend the rest of the summer fucking their way back to the UES, and that part was awesome.

Dan and Eric decide to the do the same thing, and take off for the Hamptons so that Dan can whimper about losing Blair and Eric can cheer him up again. Little do they know that Vanessa has discovered the manuscript for Dan's secret novel -- an autobiographical tale of class fetishism proving Gossip Girl's been right about him all along -- and, as her last act of extreme nosiness, sold it to Simon & Schuster so she can play Laura Albert to his JT LeRoy.

After a stern talking to from both Queller and the Peanut Gallery Girls in which she realizes she is human tofu that has never made a decision in her entire life, Serena decides to spend the summer in Montecito with CeCe. She immediately meets Ethan Peck and David O. Russell, becomes a D-Girl, and gets into a fistfight with Lily Tomlin. Oh, and there's a pregnancy test in the Blair/Serena bathroom that could belong to either of them, but who knows how that will go. We can only hope it's Eleanor's and that Blair gets to name the baby.

And what about Cousin Charlie? Well, that part was amazing. Georgina takes a shine to her crazy ass, instantly figures out that her whole storyline has been a lie, and tells her to give her a ring when she comes back next year as a series regular. But wait, who is Cousin Charlie really? Just a random low-level Florida con artist named Ivy, whom Aunt Carol installed as her fake daughter in order to get access to Charlie's trust fund and protect her real daughter from the UES/Rhodes crew.

But now Ivy's got the sneak for UES living, and an extra book of Charlie's checks in addition to her payoff, so we'll be seeing her again shortly. Hopefully getting neither raped nor abused by Chuck so those four shipper nutsacks on the internet can scream and yell about whatever the imaginary hell they're always screaming and yelling about. And, of course, the inevitable Real Charlie Rhodes/Fake Charlie Rhodes Faceoff. Or the Ivy/Juliet Faceoff. Or the Ivy/Juliet/Poppy/Georgina four-way Selina Kyle Invitational.

So that's the score for next year: Blair's planning on a November wedding, Chuck and Nate are off doing it with each other, Vanessa has moved to Spain, Dan's about to be the most hated man in Manhattan, Serena's gone Hollywood, Russell got 20 years for killing Avery, the mysterious pregnant person is pregnant, and Lily's going to be getting her ankle jewelry off around the season premiere. XOXO, and I honestly hope you enjoyed this season as much as I did.

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Top 5 OMG Moments From the Gossip Girl Season 4 Finale, "The Wrong Goodbye"

Cheating, attempted suicide, and unmasked schemes: Must be a Gossip Girl season finale. But pregnancy — that’s a new one. Check out our most shocking moments from Episode 22, “The Wrong Goodbye.”

5. Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) returns
Shocking? No. She returns for every season finale, almost like clockwork. Satisfying? Oh my, yes. She didn’t get much to do, but her moment with Charlie (Kaylee DeFer) suggests we’ll be seeing more of her.

4. Charlie is Ivy
Just when we thought we’d gotten to the bottom of why Charlie was so off: Turns out she’s an identity-stealing con artist named Ivy hired by Aunt Carol to get her mitts on the Rhodes trust fund. Which begs the question: Where’s the real Charlie?

3. Someone is pregnant
OMG, who could be up the spout? Serena (Blake Lively)? She’s been going through a dry spell though. Blair (Leighton Meester)? Would it be a royal fetus or a Bassian pretender to the throne? Lily (Kelly Rutherford)? That would be adorbs, but her house-arrested pregnancy test wouldn’t make its way into Blair’s apartment. Charlie? Dorota? Minion #3? Oh, the possibilities!

2. Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) sells Dan’s (Penn Badgley) novel
Ugh. At least everyone else’s schemes are self-serving. Self-righteous Vanessa honestly thinks she’s helping Dan by publishing his screed against his friends and family. Barcelona can keep her.

1. Chuck (Ed Westwick) pushes Blair into Louis’s (Hugo Becker) arms
Psst, B: We know you’re not going to be with Louis forever. Write into the prenup that you get to keep the title no matter what and you’re golden.

Плесень размножается спорами...Не спорьте с плесенью :)))))
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Video: 5 Most Shocking Moments of the Gossip Girl
Season Finale!
This week's Gossip Girl finale was one majorly drama-filled hour. We've brought in our very own S. and B. -�BuzzSugar editors Shannon and Becky -�to run down the five most jaw-dropping moments of the evening, from the biggest cliffhangers to the hottest hookups. Take a look, and then tell us your favorite finale shocker in the comments!

Моё "люблю" слишком дорого стоит... Говорю это редко и мало кому
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Gossip Girl Season Finale: Goodbye Love, Hello Lover

Well, the 23rd season of Gossip Girl has come to an end and everyone has scattered for the summer. Blair is off to Monaco, Serena to California, Dan (and Erik….) to the Hamptons, and Nate and Chuck to god only knows where. Let’s see how they got there.

We began in medias res, the Constance Billiards Academy party in full, terrible swing and Blair captured by the mad Chicago warlord from Spin City. Will he kill our brunette heroine? Almost assuredly so! Meanwhile, Serena’s cousin Chuck Charlie has been jilted by Dan and Blair’s prince waits for her sadly with his mother, his champagne going flat, his heart slowly flattening. Where is Blair??? everyone wonders.

Blair is stuck in Chuck’s new Brooklyn hotel, all exposed pipe and beam, held hostage in a small room with a drunk and dangerously despondent Avery Thorpe. Will she escape? Will Charlie Chuck come to rescue her?? Oh of course he will. But first he has to find her.

So he ran up to Dan at the party just as Serena and Vanessa, begrudging teammates on the Charlie hunt, did too, so the whole group stood there (Nate ran up to Chuck after he ran up to Dan to tell him that Avery knew that Raina knew about how her mum got burnt down) and Dan just sorta mumbled and stuttered while everyone shrieked at him about their problems. To make matters even more complicated, the wicked Michelle Trachtenberg, bored and married in the suburbs now, showed up to stir the pot and try to sadly butt in on the action. I’m not sure how Dan became the go-to guy for solving crises, but it’s a role he takes as seriously as a lingering look from Erik. Which is to say very seriously.

“OK team!” he said. “Chuck, you go to the Empire to see if Blair’s there. Nate, you stop your girly whining and go with Chuck. You can whine to him on the way. Serena, you search every inch of Constance Billiards for Charlie. Vanessa, you go away and die because nobody likes you, and Erik you go wait for me somewhere sexy. Ready… break!” So they all ran off to do their tasks, leaving a jilted Michelle Trachtenberg standing alone, farting softly into her satin dress, the party dull and droning around her.

Earlier Charlie had been dancing around the party, swilling vodker and dancing with befuddled old men, but now she was gone. So Serena looked everywhere — under tables, behind potted plants, in cabinets and cupboards, even in Headmistress Queller’s private ether lounge. Speaking of Headmistress Queller, while Serena was on the hunt, the ethered-up old lady approached her and said “Serenaaa…. How are you? How is Providence?” And Serena was all “Oh, right, I was supposed to go to Brown. Well, I took some time off and then I decided to go to Columbia instead.” Queller frowned, a bit of spittle dribbling out of her mouth. “Oh dearrrr. I had such high hopes for you. I thought you’d see the world, but I guess not.” Wait, Quells. We’re still talking about Providence, right? Is Providence “the world”? I mean, there’s WaterFire and the Providence Place Mall, and I guess you could go to a PawSox game, but other than that… It’s not really “the world.” And is Columbia some stink-school for sad losers now? I think Queller should lay off the ether a bit and get her mind right. But even though these were clearly the drawled ramblings of an ether-mad woman, Serena took them to heart. She really hasn’t done much of anything this past year and that kind of stinks. But, there was no time to deal with that now! She had to find Charlie. So she turned around to continue the search and ran smack into two annoying younger gossip girls who were all “Wait, you didn’t end up with Nate or Dan? You’re a loser. A straight up sad weirdo loser.” Serena was all “Well, I did sleep with the teacher whose life I ruined and we had gross skeleton sex together, so there’s that…” The girls huffed haughtily (is there any other way to huff, really?) and strutted away. The fuck was going on? Why was everyone being so mean to Serena the perfect?

Well, as it turns it out it was so she could have a true heart-to-heart with Charlie about how she’s not actually perfect. Sort of. Yeah, after some needless interference from Michelle Trachtenberg, Sereenz found Chaz up on the top floor of the school, about to jump out a window or something. “Nooooooo!!!!” Serena yelled in a manly bellow. Charlie turned around and launched into a sad tirade about how Serena is perfect and every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be in her and Serena shook her head and said “You could have that too.” Hahahaha. Bitch didn’t even deny it! She was just like “Yup, all of those things are totally true, but I’m going to placate you and say that those things could be true of you too, even though, let’s be honest here, that is not the case.” Classy, Serena. Stay great always.

Charlie, who had suddenly and magically sobered up, was all “Oh, OK. Sorry I stole your dress. Let’s be besties again.” Nice breakdown! Short and sweet. So the two new best cousins sauntered downstairs and Charlie said “Oh, you know what, I’ll catch up with you, I just need to make a mysterious and secret phone call in the middle of a party of hundreds of people.” Completely used to such behaviour, Serena said “OK, cool. Catch you on the flipsies!” Charlie dialed a number and said “You were right, it worked perfectly. See you later.” Hmmmmmmmm. Then Michelle Trachtenberg walked up behind her and was like “I don’t think you are who you say you are. And I don’t think you ever even needed pills.” Charlie smiled a strange smile and that was that, for now…

Meanwhile Chuck didn’t find Blair at the Empire and Nate was still squealing apologies at him so Chuck wheeled around and planted a firm, hot kiss right on Nate’s lips to shut him up. “Nate. It’s OK. Don’t worry about it. It’s cool.” Nate, blushing, nodded his head and fell quiet. Good thing too, because just then Chuck got a phone call from Blair… ‘s pocket. Yes, stuck in the abandoned hotel, she managed to speed-dial his phone number and say “Avery, you have me trapped on the third floor of the hotel in a strange room and you are going to burn me down unless Chuck comes to rescue me.” She was telling Chuck where she was, not Avery!! “Clever girl…” Chuck said and it was off to Brooklyn with Raina and a still rock-hard Nate in tow.

Chuck burst into the room, but not before hearing Blair trying to talk Avery down by telling him that it’s possible to get over being hurt by a Bass, and Chuck took this to heart. Earlier, at the Billiards party, Blair’s mum had said “Chuck, let her go,” meaning Chuck should stop toying with poor Nate’s feelings, but also that he should let Blonkers be her own woman and go marry the prince of a fake country in Europes. There was no time to ruminate on all this at the moment though, because the hotel was filling up with gas and Avery was playing with his lighter, so Chuck kicked the door down and rescued Blair. Raina stormed in and made peace with her father before sending him to jail for a long time and then Raina told Nate that she’s going back to Chicago (Nate pretended to be sad, but of course he wasn’t, the only thing running through his head was Chuck Chuck Chuck Chuck) and now the Thorpe storyline is finally over, thank heavens. What a snoozefest! Cold case hotel intrigue. No thanks ever again, please.

Veins pulsing with adrenalin, Chuck and Blair decided to get one drink before Blair headed off to the Billiards party to meet her prince and, as anyone does when getting one last I-still-love-you-always drink, Chuck and Blair crashed some kid’s bar mitzvah. Yup. Just decided to go to a bar mitzvah at the Oak Room. You know, that old goodbye technique. It was a surreal and yet oddly lovely scene, with Blair and Chuck dancing in slo-mo and, strangely considering they were strangers and there were tons of other people at the party, being lifted up into the air on chairs like it was their wedding. (It reminded me one of the few good moments in I Love You New York, a dreamy shot of the chair dance at a Jewish wedding. Probably still not worth renting the movie though.) Basically the whole thing was meant to show the swooning ecstasy of their undying love, and it sorta actually kinda worked. Done with dancing, Blair led Chuck into a room, shut the door, and then kissed him. They undressed and, presumably, did it. Just had sex at some random kid’s bar mitzvah. “Hey Ari, let me show you what my bubbie got me, it’s in the other room here and OH MY GOD I NOW TRULY AM A MAN.” Nicely done, Bluck. (That’s their portmanteau, right?) As they were leaving, Chuck handed the kid a check for $US5,000 and it was the best bar mitzvah ever.

Out on the street Blair was like “Well, I guess I gotta go can it with the prince.” And Chuck made a weird expression. When they got to the Billiards party Chuck sprinted ahead of Blair and told the prince that he gave them his blessing. He was doing the adult thing and letting Blair go. Blair felt sad, but it also felt like the right thing to do. They had one last conversation about how theirs was the greatest love of all and Chuck sang a few bars of “I Will Always Love You,” and that was that. An oddly wistful (and likely temporary) end to their rollercoaster romance. Blair returned to her prince, laden with a small, sad secret. Will he eventually find out that Blair and Chuck knocked latkes at Jacob Feldstein’s bar mitzvah? Most assuredly yes.

Over in Brooklyn, Vanessa was at the loft looking for Charlie and instead found a typed-out-on-paper novel (that’s how kids are writing novels these days) called Inside, written by Dan and all about Erik’s butt breaking into the Upper East Side scene and all that. She sat on the floor and is apparently the world’s fastest speed reader because she finished the damn thing and then called Dan and was like “I found your novel, you need to get it published.” Dan freaked out and was like “What are you doing looking through my thiiiiings! Those are my own private thiiiiings! Stop it Vanessa, stop it!!!” Then they got into a weirdly expansive argument about how Dan had changed since the show started and how Dan secretly desperately wanted to be part of the scene and Dan admitted to it and they both said hurtful things to each other and I guess it was their way of getting Jessica Szohr the hell outta there. Yup, Vanessa’s decided to move to Barcelona (lucky poor girl), but not before giving Simon & Schuster publisher Jonathan Karp (such connections Vanessa has! Amazing!) a copy of Inside , with the author listed as Anonymous. Karp loved it and was like “Where do I send the money?” because that’s how publishing works, and Vanessa darted off to Barcelona, confident that Dan would take credit for the book once it came out and did well and stuff. Who knows! It’s basically going to be like Deconstructing Harry next season, isn’t it?

And then, my friends, we basically came to the end. Everything was wrapping up tidily. Blair was off to Monaco for a glamorous Riviera summer. She and Chuck said a gracious, if sad, goodbye at van der Woodsen Ice Palace, and she and Serena were friends again, giggling at their bad jokes. And then she was gone, sailing off on a large ocean liner, the Atlantic glassy and sparkling and infinite on the horizon.

Charlie returned to Florida by bus, because it was more picturesque that way or something, and when she got there she was greeted by her mother. Only we found out that… she isn’t her mother! She’s some girl named Ivy that the mother hired to play the daughter so she could get her hands on those sweet, sweet blank trust fund checks! Lily’s sister is a huckster! A flimflam woman! A grifter and a cheat! And so is Charlie/Ivy! She’d deliberately made those pills easy to find and we were fools for making fun of that. (Sorry, writers!) The sister was all “You sure your normal life is going to measure up now that you’ve gotten a taste of sweet Big Apple pie?” Charlie/Ivy said yes but there was a gleam in her eye that said no. She looked in her bag (which had a secret set of trust fund checks in it) and took out Georgina’s number. Oh yeah, Georgina gave her her number back at the party, feeling a schemer’s bond between them. So Charlie/Ivy will return and wreak bland havoc next year, I presume.

Serena headed off to live with her aunt in Montecito for the summer, where she planned to stroll lazily by the beach and find herself. And run into some cute movie assistant guy (he was the guy from the 10 Things I Hate About You show, yes?) who was having trouble reading an F. Scott Fitzgerald book. She was all “I love that book,” because Serena has always seemed like such an avid reader, and then all of a sudden David O. Russell walked up (seriously) and was like “Hey kid, did you read the book? We have the big movie meeting in a few minutes!” The kid stammered and stuttered like Dan watching Erik eat a banana and Serena was like “I read it! It’s good!” and so David O. Russell offered her a movie job. Seriously. It was an extremely weird scene and sets up, what, exactly? A movie career plot for Serena? Who knows. Who will ever know.

Back in New York, Chuck was feeling all sad about Blair so Nate tried to cheer him up by bringing over a globe and saying “Spin it and point to a random spot and we’ll go there and slowly make our way back here. Just two bachelors on the road. It’ll be great.” Chuck did it, spun the globe and traced it lazily with his finger, arbitrarily stopping somewhere that looked like eastern Siberia. Good choice, Chuck! Ian Frazier would be proud. The two boys smiled at each other and poured another drink and the sun shone in through the window and for a brief moment it looked as though they were on fire with possibility, two young men burning bright and big and so full of light they might glow like that forever.

And that, I guess, leaves us with Dan. Or it leaves us with Erik. Or it leaves us with both. Dan has decided he’d like to spend the summer out in the van der Hamptons house, just get out of the city and clear his head, as Rufus tells him it’s going to be empty all summer. With a curious twinkling dance in his eye, Dan said “Hey Erik, want to come with? We could be each other’s wingmen, like Nate and Chuck. Break up a few couples.” Was that code? “Each other’s wingmen”? “Like Nate and Chuck”? I have to believe it was. And I have to believe Erik knew it was when he gave Dan a small, happy smile and said “Yeah, let’s go. Let’s do it.”

Toward the end of the episode there was a fun reveal that Erik is going to Sarah Lawrence in the fall, because of course Erik is going to Sarah Lawrence in the fall. He’ll be headed up to Bronxville where he’ll meet plenty of queers and weirdos and artists and other assorted folk, and though it is close, it will feel a million miles away from all of this. He’s stepping off into the unknowable future, almost into the sad and curious world of grownups, and he barely even knows it.

At least there is first this, this summer, this gauzy idyll with Dan. The two of them playing house, eating waffles, lounging nude by the pool, feeding each other cherries, the blood-red juice dribbling down their chins until it is caught by the other’s tongue. Long nights of getting tangled in the sheets, longer days of lying on the grass, Dan reading aloud from a book, Erik resting his head on Dan’s chest and feeling the warm thrum of his heart. The sun lemony and cozy above them, a soft green breeze whispering through the yard. In the years after, in the many years after, Erik will look back on these few months as perhaps his happiest ever. A time when two people disappeared into each other and created their own universe together. When a house and a person was enough. When the world was simple and uncluttered and impossibly lovely. When a boy named Dan Humphrey would come bounding out of the house onto the porch, carrying a pitcher of lemonade or a bottle of wine and would stop for a brief moment, smiling as he gazed at Erik sitting and waiting, Erik seeing that Dan was as happy as he was. That he too wouldn’t mind letting the rest of the world forget them forever.

But of course the world always finds us, always interferes once more. And then there is college, and then there is… life, I suppose. The rattle and clamor of wheels rolling on drowns out the rush of the ocean, the hollow song of wind chimes, the hush of hot breath on a neck. That’s just what time does. It moves us along and eventually evaporates us — we are but clouds in the sky. We are merely molecules and memory, secrets and skin. As ephemeral as wishes, as fast and as fleeting as gossip.

Happy summers, everyone.

Programming Note: I have decided that this will be my last recap of this show. I feel like I’ve made as many jokes about these people being gay and farting as one man can make, so I think it’s best to just let the rest of the tale be unknown or imagined. It’s been fun! Thanks to you few remaining readers (I won’t lie and say that dwindling traffic on these posts wasn’t a factor in my decision) for continuing to read, and thanks to all the “Gossip Girl” people for making such a silly show that is so fun to (lovingly, really, sincerely) make fun of. If any of you are reading (I profoundly doubt you are), thank you and, of course, xoxo!

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И статья на wetpaint про последнюю серию. http://www.wetpaint.com/gossip-....goodbye

Кое-что, что вам нужно знать, о финальной серии четвертого сезона Gossip Girl «The Wrong Goodbye».

Кое-что, что вам нужно знать, о финальной серии четвертого сезона Gossip Girl «The Wrong Goodbye»
Давайте учиться чему-то новому смотря GG, друзья! Узнайте обо всех культурных ссылках (поп-арт и кое-что еще), которые вы, возможно, пропустили во время просмотра 21-ой серии, 4-го сезона, «The Wrong Goodbye». Если вы не знаете, то теперь будете знать....

Долгое прощание (The Long Goodbye)

Название эпизода на этой неделе "The Wrong Goodbye" происходит от названия мрачного фильма 1973-го года "Долгое прощание". Эллиотт Гулд играет Филипа Марлоу, частного детектива, оказавшегося в смертельной опасности. Фильм, вероятно, должен быть где-то в той очереди Netflix, которой делятся Ден (Пенн Бэджли) и Блэр (Лейтон Мистер).

Сесили фон Зигесар (Cecily Von Ziegesar)

"Вы встречались с нашей уважаемой выпускницей, Сесили?" Директор школы Квеллер спрашивает Серену (Блейк Лайвли). "Мы никогда не встречались, но я много читала о вас", говорит Сесили. Подлинная правда! "Сесили" является Сесили фон Зигесар, автором книги Gossip Girl. Глупая директриса Квеллер могла бы придумать что-то получше, чем представлять автора созданию ее воображения. Ей повезло, что Вселенная не обрушилась.

Джонатан Карп (Jonathan Karp)

Когда Ванесса (Джессика Зор) решает предать кого-то, она идет прямо на самый верх. Она продает книгу Дена Джонатану Карпу, главному редактору в Simon and Schuster (Саймон и Шустер). Он возглавляет пафосный imprint Twelve. Если вы хотите украсть чьи-то мемуары и продать их, вы должны обязательно принести их Карпу.

Хора (Horah)

Что это за супер-весело-выглядящий танец, который Чак (Эд Вествик) и Блэр танцуют на бар-мицва? 1. Мы пробовали танцевать его. Это, по сути, супер весело. 2. Это традиционный еврейский танец, который называется Хора (Horah), как правило, танцуется на свадьбах и бар- и бат- мицвах. 3. На стульях обычно поднимают почетных гостей, а не случайную не еврейскую пару, которую никто не знает. 4. Не зависимо от того, как сильно вы хотите взятся за руки над головами танцующих со своей родственной душой, когда вас подняли на стульях, не делайте этого - вы упадете.

Ну а это кое-что от меня. То, что вызвало у меня вопросы. cool

Simon & Schuster (*издательство, в которое Ванесса отнесла книгу Дена)

Издательство Simon & Schuster было основано в начале 1920-х годов Ричардом Саймоном и Линкольном «Максом» Шустером. В 1924 году оно опубликовало первый сборник кроссвордов. В наше время компания Simon & Schuster, Inc является подразделением CBS Corporation. Это одно из четырех крупнейших англоязычных издательств, вместе с Random House, Penguin, HarperCollins. В текущий период Simon & Schuster публикует две тысячи наименований ежегодно.

L'Amour Fou (Безумная любовь)

Блэр Чаку:....великая любовь это что-то сумасшедшее. L'Amour Fou.

L'Amour Fou это роман отца сюрреализма Андре Бретона, написанный в 1937-м году (роман был переведен на русский в 2006 году). Жанр определить трудно — это поэтическая, лирико-исповедальная проза, в которой есть и откровенное описание страсти, и размышления писателя о ключевых моментах бурной истории XX века, и увлеченное, без догматической скуки, изложение творческого кредо.
В 1969-ом году режиссер Жак Риветт снял фильм по этому роману с одноименным названием (премия Британского киноинститута). L'Amour Fou исследует расторжение брака между Клэр, актрисой (играет Булль Ожье) и Себастьяном, ее директором (Жан-Пьер Кальфон). Это черно-белый фильм (идет 4,5 часа) и снят на два вида пленки (35 мм и 16 мм), отображающие разное время на протяжении всего фильма. Фильм фокусируется на длительном цикле самоуничтожения в отношениях Клэр и Себастьяна. Центральным событием в повествовании являются три недели подготовки театральной группой постановки Расина «Андромаха». Время подготовки постановки труппой снято на 16 мм, в то время как остальная часть фильма - на 35 мм.
Поскольку действие фильма происходит в конце 60-тых, то я подозреваю, что она имела ввиду именно книгу. (Да, да, да - я ее не читала, хоть уже скачала, но Чак, попрошу заметить, читал, если знает о чем речь biggrin )

Death Takes a Holiday (Смерть берет выходной)

Блер Чаку: Это как в том фильме Death Takes a Holiday? Но не в ремейке с Бредом Питом. Он был ужасен.

Death Takes a Holiday это романтическая драма 1934-го года, в главных ролях Фредрик Марч, Эвелин Венейбл и Гай Стэндинг, на основе итальянской пьесы Альберто Каселла. О чем фильм? После нескольких лет мучений над вопросом, почему люди боятся его, Смерть (Марч) принимает человеческую форму, чтобы он смог смешаться со смертными и найти ответ. Однако, события скоро выходят из-под контроля, когда он влюбляется в красивую молодую Грацию (Венейбл), единственную женщину, которая не боится его. Как только он влюбляется в нее, ее отец, Герцог Ламберт (Стэндинг), понимает кто он, и просит его вернуться к исполнению своих обязанностей. Смерть должна решить, стоит ли искать свое собственное счастье, или принести его в жертву для того, чтобы Грация могла жить.

Версия с Бредом Питом носит название Meet Joe Black (Знакомьтесь, Джо Блэк) и вышла в 1998 году. Сюжет: в жизни богатого и влиятельного газетного магната Уильяма Пэрриша появляется сама Смерть, принявшая обличие обворожительного молодого человека по имени Джо Блэк.
Смерть, уставшая от своих привычных обязанностей, предлагает Пэрришу необычное соглашение: магнат станет проводником Джо в мире живых, где тот планирует провести свой отпуск. По окончании каникул Смерть заберет Пэрриша с собой. С помощью Уильяма, загадочный и эксцентричный Джо начинает свое путешествие по бренной Земле.
Но происходит непредвиденное. Оказывается, что тело погибшего мужчины, которое Смерть выбрала для себя, принадлежало юноше, в которого была влюблена дочь Пэрриша.

«Костры амбиций» (The Bonfire of the Vanities)

Ванесса Дену: это может быть лучшей сатирой на UES со времен The Bonfire of the Vanities

«Костры амбиций» (написана в 1987-м, русский перевод 2009-м) это одиннадцатая работа То́маса Ке́ннерли «Тома» Вулфа Младшего и первое его художественное произведение, некоторыми критиками рассматривается в качестве «определяющей для Нью-Йорка 1980-х» книги. Книга представляет собой драматическую историю об амбициях, расизме, социальном неравенстве, политике и жадности в Нью-Йорке образца 1980-х годов. Ряд обозревателей называет произведение лучшей книгой Вулфа, которая укрепила его репутацию выдающегося летописца своего века. Роман получил Книжную премию Амбассадор и в 1990 году был экранизирована.

The Landlord (Землевладелец)

Блэр Дену: Я уже скопировала твою очередь. Наш электронный дискус начинается в понедельник с "Землевладельца" Хэла Эшби.

Это фильм 1970-го года, режиссер Хэл Эшби, в ролях: Бо Бриджес, Ли Грант, Диана Сэндс, Перл Бэйли, Уолтер Брук.
29 летний Элгар покидает отчий дом, чтобы начать свое собственное дело. Для этих целей он покупает здание в черном гетто, планируя выселить из него всех чернокожих съемщиков, однако, познакомившись поближе с его постояльцами, передумывает…

Блэр Серене: Прогулки по Жардин-Экзотик, посещение выставок в Вилла Палома.

Jardin Exotique (Экзотический парк, Жардин-Экзотик)

Экзотический сад Монако это уникальное место, которое было открыто для публики в 1933 году. Расположенный под открытым небом, он представляет огромное колличество "суккулентных" растений.
Экземпляры растений в этот сад доставляют из нескольких засушливых зон (отсюда и название "Экзотик"): кактусы и агавы привозят с юго-западной части Соединенных Штатов, Мексики, Центральной и Южной Америки; другие суккулентные растения из Южной и Восточной Африки и Аравийского полуострова. В саду собрано более чем 7 тысяч видов кактусов. Некоторые из них возвышаются на 6 м над землей и весят около 100 кг.
Несмотря на необычные формы, эти растения, как и любые другие, регулярно цветут.
Растения могут быть в цвету почти в любое время года в зависимости от происхождения каждого вида: алоэ и африканскаях Crassula цветут зимой, а большинство кактусов цветут весной и летом. Вопреки распространенному мнению, очень мало кактусов цветут ночью. Многие виды кактусов выпускают большие красочные цветы в течение дня.
Находящийся на склоне горы Экзотический парк является смотровой площадкой Княжества Монако. Отсюда открывается потрясающая панорама всего Княжества Монако.

Villa Paloma (Вилла Паллома)

Villa Paloma, наряду с Villa Sauber, является одним из двух выставочных пространств Нового Национального Музея Монако (NMNM). 18 сентября 2010 года занавес поднялся с первой выставкой "la Carte d'après Natura". В то время, пока Блэр будет в Монако там пройдет выставка, центральной темой которой являются Искусство и Земля. Эта выставка, которая продлится с 12 апреля по 30 сентября 2011 года, посвящена творчеству американского художника Марка Диона и будет проводиться совместно с Океанографическим Музеем. На выставке кроме Марка Диона в Villa Paloma будут представлены работы 20 художников, включая монументальную композицию «Двадцать тысяч лье под водой» Бернара Бюфе (1928-1999). Также впервые за несколько десятилетий Новый Национальный Музей представит 2 исключительные и крайне редко появляющиеся картины Клода Моне, изображающие Залив Монако.

Fitzgerald The Beautiful and Damned (Фицджеральд «Прекрасные, но обреченные»)

В последних кадрах серии Серене предлагают помочь писать сценарий к фильму по книге Фицджеральда. Экранизация этого романа, на самом деле, уже идет полным ходом и фильм должен появиться в 2011 году. Кстати, в главных ролях будут Кира Найтли и Леонардо ди Каприо. (Забавное стечение обстоятельств, учитывая последние слухи о Блейк и Лео :D). Фильм «Прекрасные, но обреченные» основан на реальных событиях. Данный фильм рассказывает о жизни и судьбе знаменитого американского писателя Френсиса Скотта Фицджеральда и его жены Зельды Сейр.
Всё началось с 1918 года, когда впервые Френсис Скот и Зельда познакомились. Это случилось в Алабаме. Спустя два года они поженились.
Чита Фицджеральдов прославилась бурными отношениями, жгучей ревностью, различными приёмами, не только кругосветными путешествиями, но и различными путешествиями на европейские курорты, а так, же ежедневными и шумными вечеринками, которые в то время широко освещались в светской хронике.
Итак продолжалось до 1930 года, как раз того самого рокового года, когда произошло несчастье, большая трагедия с Зельдой, у которой случилось помрачение рассудка….

Плесень размножается спорами...Не спорьте с плесенью :)))))

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