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Chuck and Blair: I love how…
Happy:)Дата: Суббота, 10.03.2012, 23:53 | Сообщение # 1
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Two flawed broken kids who became one when love came their way.Blair made Chuck a better man, she taught him not only that he has a heart but also what his heart is capable of and Chuck was the first person that saw the real her, and loved her unconditionally for it. Because when they are together they are themselves. They don’t hide, they don’t pretend. They love each other with true, raw, unconditional love. And this love has made them what they are today. Nothing and No one can come between those two. After all they have been through their love is stil there as strong as ever. That’s why they deserve their happily ever after. We can never get enough of Chair! They are captivating!!

No two fictional TV lovers deserve to be cherished as much as Chuck and Blair. Their story is so far from being told. I want to see them ‘being together’ to be seen to be ‘living’ as a couple: Living, loving, laughing and all the time, having fun being their wonderful sexy soulful selves. Whoever said it would be boring does not know what they are. Chair is the epitome of the eternal love.

Why do we cherish Chair?Chuck and Blair are like two bodies and one soul...

Happy:)Дата: Суббота, 10.03.2012, 23:54 | Сообщение # 2
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I LOVE how they opened their true faces and vulnarabilities to each other, without even using words. I LOVE how they know and understand each other so well, it’s already there in pilot!

I LOVE how they have known each other since childhood and I LOVE how they care for their BFFs. I LOVE how they do NOT judge each other EVER too.

I LOVEhow they mean words with all their hearts and speak through each other’s hearts all the time and how this scared the hell out them when they figured out.

I LOVEhow everytime they touch and kiss, you can literally see fireworks, (not as result of visual effects) and even when they’re not communicating but in the same place you feel chemistry between them all over the place… it’s like magic!

I LOVEhow they complete each other and feel incomplete without each other (e.g. “I’m not Chuck Bass without you” and “It’s not my world without you”).

I LOVE how they love and accept the bad and good in each other.

I LOVEhow they do not want to change each other in anyway because they LOVE all of each other’s sides but change by their dynamics to be better for each other… that’s why I LOVED how they were becoming a true team just before the blood sucking mother showed up with his scaly uncle messed up all the trust.

I LOVEthe nicknames she makes out from “Chuck Bass” and I LOVE how he enjoys them and her wit (appreciates too).

I LOVE how they know what they think without even communicating (e.g. Blair was aware of Chuck’s plan to go to see Jack about BI in 4x11 and how Chuck had figured out she has been pulling out Camille in 4x18) because they are both intuitive and they know it already.

I LOVE Serena’s observation about them how “two wrongs becoming a twisted RIGHT”, I LOVE this so much.

I LOVE how they get jealous about each other. For example Chuck, still gets jealous about BN even it’s so funny (in all seasons there is a little detail about this actually).

I LOVE how Blair was there “standing by her man” all the time, how she cared about him nothing less than a family. I LOVE how she is scared FOR him when he tried to hurt himself or even when he hurt her too and I LOVE how she is the ONLY one who can talk-convince him to do anything. I LOVE how her words are the most important ones in his life, I LOVE how she is the thoughest ctiritics of him and I LOVE how passionately she loves Chuck. I LOVE how Blair’s love, passion and tender at the same time makes Chuck’s heart even bigger.

I LOVEhow Chuck was there “supporting his queen” all the time, reminding her that she is amazing, she is beautiful, she is hot and sexy, she is intelligent, she is powerful, she is the queen. Everytime she remembered her insecurities, he tried to help her and show how powerful and amazing she is. Also, I LOVE how he is the one who truely makes Blair happy and glow all the time:
  • Chuck makes Blair glow, shine. After they hooked up, Nate notices that Blair is “lighter, she’s happier… Ah, she’s just less Blair.” Chuck replies “She does have a certain glow about her, doesn’t she?” (1x10). So I guess this is Chuck’s merit.
  • Blair shines with Chuck, and he knows it because he believes in her savoir faire. “With your glow, Anne Archibald will beg you to be the face of her new foundation” (4x09).
  • Everyone sees Blair shining whenever she thinks about her lover. She’s about to go to Chuck to tell him she wants to get back with him, and Dorota sees she’s happy of her decision “You’re late and you’re glowing” (4x18).
  • Chuck loves when Blair is happy, because she shines and Chuck loves when Blair shines. It’s the Blair he loves the most. “When she’s with Louis, she shines… that’s the Blair I love.” (4x22).
  • Serena noticed how happy/glowing Blair was and asked her if it was her dad, Chuck or Nate. Blair was secretly with chuck that time (1x09).

  • I LOVE how even when they say mean things, do mean things to each other and even when they “hate” each other, fight with each other and make wars with each other, at the end they always have an open window for each other at least as friends because they know how much they LOVE each other. Actually how much they need each other. I LOVE how there is always “LOVE and lust” that pulls them to each other and how it is NATURAL and not forced at all!

    I LOVE how passionately they want each other and only each other (1x07, 2x07, 3x07, 2x02, 2x03, 1x10, 4x07, 4x09, 4x08).

    I LOVE how they think alike (3x21), act alike, wear alike without any intervention.

    I LOVE how they compliment and encourage each other.

    I LOVE how chuck is the only guy who saw and knows the real “Blair Waldorf” (1x07, 2x19).

    I LOVE how Blair knows the real “Chuck Bass” (2x14, 2x01, 2x13).

    I LOVE how they bring out the best in each other.

    I LOVE how they don’t give up each other even when times get hard.

    I LOVE how chuck has this “weird influence” on Blair.

    I LOVE how Chuck knows all her dreams and aspirations, and can tell right away when she’s pretending.

    I LOVE how they always see each others insecurities.

    I LOVE how they will “always love” each other (4x22).

    I LOVE how happy they can be with each other.

    I LOVE how kinky, perverted, and sexy Blair can be around Chuck and only him (1x07, 2x07, 2x25 and more).

    I LOVE how they can see right through each other.

    I LOVE how Chuck sees Blair as a strong-willed/independent/powerful woman and not a ‘damsel in distress’ woman (4x22).

    I LOVEhow they balance each other out (2x07).

    I LOVE how Blair sees Chuck as a “strong” person and not weak (3x12).

    I LOVE how there willing to do anything for each other even if it’s bad or good.

    I LOVE how Blair is the only woman Chuck wants to propose to and marry.

    Сообщение отредактировал Happy:) - Суббота, 10.03.2012, 23:54
    Happy:)Дата: Суббота, 10.03.2012, 23:55 | Сообщение # 3
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    As once described by Ed Westwick, Chuck and Blair are a bit like fighting fire with fire. The similarities pile up at the get-go. Both have an absent parent, while one with weighty expectations remains to remind them precisely where they fail to measure up. Both can only truly claim a single friendship, one that might be more habit than anything else. Scheming. Machiavellian means. A maid: a limo. Bowties: headbands. Chuck is a study in excess; Blair, control. He’s the boy billionaire with nothing to lose, and she’s the girl aristocrat that wants it all. Twin high-maintenance machines. They understand one another, right down to their matching crooked hearts, and the resulting compliments and insults are stunning. The limoscene in 1x07 is incredible, indelible, unforgettable. It’s interesting to me that when he begins to ask how she feels about her recent break up, she says, giddily, “Relief, I feel relief,” her eyes locked on the stage, because Nate was the very first substantiation of Blair’s princes, the pretty-eyed good-hearted boy next-door, and had already been deeply spun into her story of how-things-should-go, the peacock prom dress and the wedding ring. Funny, that the first time we see her plan crumble, it makes her happy. Cue mental shoving match, a push-you push-me – he dares her, she accepts. Later: “You were amazing up there,” and the slow move across the leather seats, a first kiss, “You sure?”, and the inexorable embrace. The best Chair scenes are like this: it’s not what’s being said but what isn’t, and the physicality of their emotions, motives, the kinds of unguessable gestures that manage to be meaningful without being articulate. I can never say quite what it was, what that glance signified or this narrowing of the eyes, because they’ve arrived at a codified privacy. They know.

    If I’m right, and Dan is always urging Blair to curl into the afghan, come home, take off the mask, then Chuck is ever doing the opposite. They chant their names: “You’re Chuck Bass.” “You’re Blair Waldorf.” Dan once commented that Blair was intuitive and intelligent, not merely scheming, and I’d like to hold the way that Chuck talks about Blair in counterpoint to this. Maybe the strength of the Dair story is words – they banter, and they say what’s on their respective minds, a province where Chuck and Blair sometimes truly suffer. Perhaps what makes Chuck’s love for Blair so beautiful to behold is how wordless it really is. He says her name, not adjectives, not qualities, when he needs to remind her who she is; it is up to Blair Waldorf to assign content to what ‘Blair Waldorf’ really means. Remember in 5x06, how he smiled as her minion tripped into a caterer’s arms and then scolded said minion for her indiscretion? In 4x14, when he smirks as she cuts him off to say that there’ll certainly be a stage in the Palace by that evening? When it comes to full-fledged Blair Waldorf – and by that I mean every bit of her, not just academic aspirations, not just protective instincts, but the complicated bits, the helpless schemer, the vengeful socialite, the fashionista, duck feeder, sex-gamer, princess-in-a-tower, aristocrat, mean girl mastermind – I think nobody loves her like Chuck Bass. And part of why this is so is because he’ll never say, come undone, darling – because there is no part that isn’t really her, no facsimile in her façade, there is nothing that needs to come off, there is no mask.

    The Dair fandom has room to reply to this. After all, Blair states in 5x16 that Dan does love her for her, and Dan cements this with his later comment, taking her hand, saying, “It’s you, it couldn’t be awful.” Doesn’t that illustrate that Dan is enamored of the whole Blair Waldorf, too? I don’t think so, but we’ll begin to run into an undetermination of evidence, because I’m going to point to that last line as evidence exactly to the contrary. As I’ve said earlier, I think Dan has a complicated relationship with ideals, a tendency to launder out whole pieces of a person in favor of seeing some flax archetype, or beautiful possibility – something like Serena van der Woodsen smiling at him from the top of the stairs in 1x01, and not like Serena’s casual conceit when she tells him that perhaps he ought to let the operator know who she is for faster service in 2x03. ‘It’s you, it couldn’t be awful.’ Love doesn’t scrub off the rust that twenty-one years of being bona fide HBIC material will leave behind. It’s an epiphany of individuality: if you love Blair Waldorf, you behold her as no more and no less then what that is, and that means that there will be bad parts, and you will love them, but they won’t cease being bad for that love. Love is a transformative process, but you’re what is transformed – not your beloved.

    Plus, I’ve always been a bit mystified about what Blair gives to Dan. For Blair, Dan represents a cottony kind of safety, a new and unknown quantity of comfort. Part of that safety comes from his white knight appeal. Part of it from the fundamental difference in their ambitions, their worlds – he can’t overtake her because he’s facing an entirely direction. Part of it is that he thinks she is a piece of herself that she’s been denying for the past twenty years – the little girl inside the magnificent monster. But what does Waldorf offer him that can’t be provided from another source? True, she’s been in desperate need of rescue for the better part of a season – well, not need. How does the Josh Ritter line go? ‘The keys to the kingdom got locked inside the king.’ Our girl seems to have forgotten her primordial cunning in the midst of playing princess — or, if not cunning, then at least that the means to her salvation lie right there, right inside her. I digress. Being needed is something that any number of damsels-in-distress might offer him. There is something lovely about her insults towards him, bordering both cross and casual, but they’re not … perceptive, in the same way that some of Dan’s are. For the majority of season five, she’s told him his hair sucks. True: not game-changing. Is it intellectual sparring that she gives him? Perhaps, but that was a hat Vanessa tried on many times; it’s nothing new. (I do hate when I see posts saying that Blair’s desire for Dan is all brain, and for Chuck … mostly just blagina. Please rewatch season 3.) If we think that a love story in part reveals what each partner is capable of offering, then I think Dair falls short due to Blair, not Dan. Chuck and Blair, in contrast, have a way of drawing out the best in each other for each other. Moments of such support and confidence in the other’s capability, weaknesses whiled away together. 3x02, crawling into bed together, rubbing arms, sleeping away a bad afternoon – it’s probably the most iconic demonstration, but early season three is littered with these sorts of scenes. Later, the brief exchange in 4x13 (probably my truly favorite scene between them) right after Chuck says, “Your plan is working.” Warm, unthinking smiles. Bone-melting admiration. And, of course, 4x08: “What do you think our count is?” “For us? A million. The world, zero.” They are genuine equals. The Chair love story presents two people whose comparable levels of damage are frequently alluded to – and it shows them bandaging one another, carrying one another, taking down the world à la Bonnie and Clyde.

    And it’s that very same level of equality that makes their romance so impossibly dangerous to accept in the same supine way that Blair might accept Dan Humphrey’s. 4x01: “It takes more than even you to destroy Blair Waldorf.” No, but Blair Waldorf could – hence her rebuttals in 3x18, that she didn’t like who she’d become with him, not because he made her walk into Jack’s bargains, but because she’d undertaken it on her own, because she’d become the kind of girl capable of anything for lover – and capable of being manipulated by said lover. I think this is also why she’s dodged a reunion with him the second half of the present season, because 5x10 found her once again willing to undertake anything for him, even something as preposterous as a bargain with God. (3x22: “Signs are for the religious, the superstitious, and the lower class.”) If we think actions define us, then who are you, when you will do anything for that one other person? Your self empties out; you become an adjunct. How do you love the key to your own destruction?

    The catch is, of course, that Blair is Chuck’s own demise. 5x02: “I feel nothing, when I see her and Louis, or when I jump off a building, or when I crash a motorcycle, even you don’t irritate me. Is being dead that much worse than being nothing?” 5x14: “I’d do anything for you.” Consider the following:

    “If , then, one yields one’s person, body and soul, for good and ill in every respect, so that the other has complete rights over it, and if the other does not similarly yield himself in return and does not extend in return the same rights and privileges, the arrangement is one sided. But if I yield myself completely to another and obtain the person of the other in return, I win myself back; I have given myself up as the property of another, but in turn I take that other as my property, and so win myself back again in winning the person whose property I have become. In this way the two persons become a unity of will.”

    – Immanuel Kant, Lectures on Ethics.

    I debated whether or not to include the quote above, because A. hello pretension and B. I don’t stand one-hundred-percent behind it as a characterization of Blair and Chuck, but I do think it points to something that they are capable of, which is to say… anything, in one another’s arms. To come full circle. Be full circle, in a special sense. And this is why I think Chair is endgame, in the sense that the other movements of story – including the Dair love story – contribute to it. Because I think Chuck and Blair, as they are, are so helplessly tangled in one another that it’s impossible to make a decision to be together, because that’s the default – they are together, even when they’re not. They have become hyphenated! And I think Louis and, to a greater degree, Dan, offer Blair the possibility of being some other Blair, some other girl than the one that gave her whole heart to Chuck Bass and has yet to get it back. I think the reason she has been so torn, so frustratingly a-skitter this season, is because she isn’t torn between partners. That part is easy – it’s which Blair to be that is the trick. Blair the princess, a photographed monarch in the final step of the story that Blair’s been telling herself since kindergarten. Blair the vulnerable, the brilliant girl and French cinema aficionado. Or, perhaps, Blair Waldorf, who Chuck Bass loves, and all that implies. But what does that imply? Nothing. Anything. Everything, from the ugliest animal part of her to her domineering will to her hidden, curled-in heart. If she hasn’t been acting quite like herself, it’s because she’s no longer really sure what that might mean, how that girl should act. This is the first time she could really leave Chuck, and as such it’s the first time they can really be together. The reason I find Chair to be the stronger love story is because I think it has demanded so much from both parties, and because of it, we have seen the very best and worst of Chuck and Blair, the most of their respective hearts. It is a great love. It is a love that doesn’t suffer from the introduction of other possibilities. They are endgame not because there is no other way for the story to go, but because even so, it is an incredible account of how two people loved, and the exacting transformations that love asked of each of them.

    Chair: I freakin’ ship it.

    Happy:)Дата: Воскресенье, 11.03.2012, 00:30 | Сообщение # 4
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    1. Because they’re Blair and Chuck, Chuck and Blair.
    2. Because butterflies. Enough said.
    3. Because Chuck asked her “Are you sure?”
    4. Because one day she will be his wife.
    5. Because “I’ll stand by you through anything”
    6. Because he got inspired by looking into her eyes.
    7. Because their outfits match.
    8. Because she brings out the best in him and he brings out the worst in her.
    9. Because they have tonight.
    10. Because he knows she is not some delicate little flower.
    11. Because their children would be the best dressed.
    12. Because she was all he could think about all summer.
    13. Because “3 words, 8 letters”.
    14. Because the thought of her and Nate made him sick.
    15. Because “we’re inevitable Waldorf”.
    16. Because she’ll never be just another girl to him.
    17. Because she has an itch only he can scratch.
    18. Because he’d rather wait than to screw it up.
    19. Because they are going to go to the movies and hold hands, and they’ll be awesome doing it.
    20. Because "define like".
    21. Because he really is sorry.
    22. Because of the hugs.
    23. Because amid all the fireworks on Bastille Day all Blair could see was Chuck.
    24. Because when he didn’t say it she wanted to die.
    25. Because she is wearing revealing dresses for him, even though it’s not her style.
    26. Because when she abandoned her two dads before Labor Day, gossip girl bet that Chuck Bass wanted to know why.
    27. Because Chuck doesn’t want Blair throwing her call boy in his face.
    28. Because he will pretend she’s Blair.
    29. Because he just wanted Dorota to get some secrets about Blair out of her.
    30. Because he bought her the Erickson Beamon necklace- “Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on someone worthy of it's beauty"
    31. Because Blair doesn’t belong with Nate. “Never have, never will.”
    32. Because he looked back both times after they fought and she walked away. 1X13 and 2×08
    33. Because she so wants the devil to come collect.
    34. Because the first time Chuck looked in the mirror the whole summer was right before Blair arrived on the jitney.
    35. Because she’ll always be there for him because she cares.
    36. Because he brought her flowers to apologize…three times.
    37. Because he knows what that pin means to her and one day it will end up on his sleeve and stay there forever.
    38. Because she’s just an accessory on the prince’s arm, but on Chuck she will be so much more.
    39. Because he so craved his best friend’s girl.
    40. Because if he was her man he wouldn't need clues to find her, or ravish her.
    41. Because she is wearing the necklace even though he isn’t her date.
    42. Because the limo is sacred.
    43. Because “8 letters, 3 syllables. Say it and I’m yours.”
    44. Because she was amazing up there.
    45. Because for her, Chuck would do anything.
    46. Because Chuck has never chosen Serena over her. (Like Nate did)
    47. Because he distracted himself all summer hoping he wouldn’t feel it….but he still does.
    48. Because he is amazed by the fire below her cool exterior.
    49. Because no one enjoys their first time, except Blair.
    50. Because “someone loves Chuck Bass.” And that some one is Blair Waldorf.
    51. Because “please don’t leave with him.”.
    52. Because he was afraid that she would “see him” if they spent the summer together.
    53. Because she was down right maternal.
    54. Because she isn’t going anywhere.
    55. Because she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Nobody else!
    56. Because he crashed her mom’s wedding.
    57. Because in the face of true love you don’t give up even if the object of your affection is begging you to.
    58. Because she ruined his pants.
    59. Because she doesn’t mind if he leaves the scarf on.
    60. Because Blair loves a limo.
    61. Because “if you thought that was long, you have no idea what you’re in for.”
    62. Because he put the blanket over her, before he left.
    63. Because Chuck would love to give Blair a ride.
    64. Because he loves it when she talks dirty.
    65. Because he knows her better than anyone else.
    66. Because Chuck Bass is a romantic and Blair knows and that’s all that matters.
    67. Because her dirty dreams are about Chuck.
    68. Because he told her to shut up and dance with him.
    69. Because he is the only one who admires her for knowing how to use people.
    70. Because Chuck’s type are brunettes with big brown eyes.
    71. Because she absolutely loves him wearing purple.
    72. Because their dopplgangers were canal street knock offs of each other.
    73. Because he took what she kept throwing at Nate, and Nate kept throwing back.
    74. Because he would match his bow tie with her headband.
    75. Because she needed someone and he was there.
    76. Because they have amazing eye sex.
    77. Because before they hooked up he was a good friend to her.
    78. Because he became better for her.
    79. Because Chuck saw the heart pin on Marcus’ sleeve and was devastated.
    80. Because she knew exactly who it was.
    81. Because they did update his software over the summer.
    82. Because they both have an appetite for destruction. (The Wild Brunch)
    83. Because she is his toughest critic.
    84. Because he makes her feel alive.
    85. Because he was honored to play a “small” role in her deflowering.
    86. Because he keeps replaying her purring in his ear…over and over.
    87. Because he sounds like a jealous boyfriend.
    88. Because Blair tamed the UES bad boy.
    89. Because all she could think about all summer was Chuck Basstard.
    90. Because she looked for him even though he asked her not to.
    91. Because “the girlfriend and the best friend” is so classy.
    92. Because he would never just use her as draino.
    93. Because she’s the best he ever had.
    94. Because she said he is disgusting, and hates him…but still held his hand.
    95. Because he brings her in such a relaxed mood that she is wearing pants.
    96. Because, let’s be honest, they are the hottest thing ever seen on T.V.
    97. Because when he whispers in her ear her eyes roll in the back of her head.
    98. Because the Arabian horses of his father were not only sweaty, but beautiful too.
    99. Because Chuck never judged Blair.
    100. Because they are themselves around each other.
    101. Because she knows the neck is his kryptonite.
    102. Because they’re both beautifully flawed people.
    103. Because he knew that the Lord couldn’t satisfy her needs.
    104. Because he makes her blood boil.
    105. Because he feels something in his stomach. Fluttering.
    106. Because she didn’t do it only for revenge.
    107. Because he was there for her on her birthday when Nate didn’t even call.
    108. Because if she wanted to play rough all she had to do was ask.
    109. Because she just held him in her arms, when he needed it the most.
    110. Because he thinks she deserves better, but she deserves him.
    111. Because she’ll give him the family he always wanted.
    112. Because “Goodnight Chuck, good night Blair.” Enough said.
    113. Because its Chuck who makes her sweat, & its him she thinks about in bed.
    114. Because he’s got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better ****.
    115. Because he can always tell when she’s lying.
    116. Because you feel the emotion between them even without words.
    117. Because she couldn’t even stand the thought of him sleeping with Vanessa.
    118. Because she never did it for Chuck.
    119. Because she will never let go of her fantasies.
    120. Because of the look on his face when he saw her kissing Lord on her stairs.
    121. Because he wanted to take it slow, do it right.
    122. Because Blair is the only girl he will pursue.
    123. Because he does belong with someone-with her.
    124. Because the best scene in 2×16 is when Blair runs past Chuck, and they don’t see each other.
    125. Because he wouldn’t change them, not if it meant losing what they have.
    126. Because he feels at home in her place.
    127. Because she’s Audrey and he’s her Gregory Peck.
    128. Because she believes in him.
    129. Because he is the best one to find out why Blair is so happy and glowing.
    130. Because they torture each other and find pleasure in doing it.
    131. Because she couldn’t stop giggling at Chuck’s text messages when she was with Nate.
    132. Because they were amazing, funny, and witty together even before Victor/Victrola.
    133. Because VICTROLA was the best night of his life!
    134. Because he has never felt this way about a girl before.
    135. Because she wold grace him with a dance again-anytime.
    136. Because they’ve both held each other through the night.
    137. Because it’s not a game anymore.
    138. Because he still has the scars on his back.
    139. Because he wants her to save him a dance.
    140. Because she watched him sleep.
    141. Because when they are scheming together, their friends don’t need armies.
    142. Because he touched her belly when he thought she was pregnant.
    143. Because she physically abuse him, and he loves it.
    144. Because he lied when he said he didn’t want her anymore.
    145. Because of his facial expression when he saw Nate and her after the débutante ball.
    146. Because she will stick her fingers down his throat, and hold back his hair.
    147. Because she’s all he has left.
    148. Because he didn’t tell Nate when they were in Monaco.
    149. Because he wanted to say I love you back. (LOOK AT HIS FACE!)
    150. Because he admitted his feelings to Nate.
    151. Because they are the best part of the non-judging breakfast club.
    152. Because he let her see him cry.
    153. Because they have come so far, not just as a couple, but as people.
    154. Because “they’re a couple you can root for”.
    155. Because they had sex in the back of his limo. Several times.
    156. Because if he’d had to pick between her and Nate, he’d pick her-always!
    157. Because just because they can’t say those three words, doesn’t mean they aren’t true.
    158. Because he had tears in his eyes. See number 157.
    159. Because he filled her in about Nate and Serena later-but not with words.
    160. Because we have impure thoughts about them together, not just about him. We're so sick.
    161. Because a drama queen and a boy boy are a perfect match.
    162. Because Chuck and Blair clothed is way hotter than any half nudity on this show.
    163. Because they are so amazing that they inspired a group of people to actually make a list of reasons why they are so amazing.
    164. Because Darena and Natessa fans are so jealous because their couples aren’t as epic as Chair.
    165. Because she smiled in her sleep while he was sleeping next to her.
    166. Because he thinks she’s ten times hotter than any other girls.
    167. Because he isn’t sorry for falling in love with her.
    168. Because he left the country after Blair got back together with Nate.
    169. Because even OTH fans signed the Chuck&Blair petition.
    170. Because Chuck is worthy of Blair’s forgiveness.
    171. Because the Chairless episodes have the lower ratings.
    172. Because he’s Chuck Bass.
    173. Because he came to a Brooklyn rooftop just to hear her say “I love you.”
    174. Because Blair is queen and Chuck is king.
    175. Because even Nate and Marcus thinks they deserve each other.
    176. Because when Chuck told her that Vanessa really got underneath her skin, she asked him, “But will you?”
    177. Because he couldn’t sleep or eat.
    178. Because Chuck wasn’t the only one that lost someone they loved.
    179. Because Chuck didn’t murder the butterflies.
    180. Because they both knew Blair would do it again, the only question was when.
    181. Because Chuck asked Blair to be at his father’s will reading.
    182. Because in “The wild brunch” Nate seemed like the third wheel next to Chuck and Blair (look at their clothes).
    183. Because he said she can pay him another time and, oh, she did.
    184. Because he guarded her drink.
    185. Because they held hands in the limo.
    186. Because he was uninvited but still showed up.
    187. Because at her birthday party she did it because she wanted to not because she lost the wager.
    188. Because he kissed her shoulder and Chuck Bass doesn’t do that.
    189. Because she straightened his bow tie. (his father’s wedding)
    190. Because she wanted to frisk him.
    191. Because Chuck knows her favorite movies.
    192. Because “you know it’s love when you start talking like an assassin”
    193. Because he dethroned a queen, created a monster (Serena), indirectly “mutilated” a girl’s hair and social destructed downer Dan just so he could have Blair.
    194. Because he would rather talk about who Blair lost hers to.
    195. Because, yes, we do imagine Chuck spending his days at the office and coming home to the wife (Blair).
    196. Because she says “I’m done” but she wants him to fight for her.
    197. Because when they touch, we all shiver.
    198. Because “He’s taken, shoo”. That’s all.
    199. Because she asked “who are you?” but she meant “I want my Chuck back”
    200. Because she knows every inch of his waver thin soul.
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    201. Because they both know that she is his one and only.
    202. Because he lost something nobody ever knew he had…his heart.
    203. Because what happens at Victrola, stays at Victrola!
    204. Because he enjoyed the removal of a certain chasity belt in the back of his limo.
    205. Because she had no one to turn to but him.
    206.Because he was the one who has sealed the deal with Blair and he didn’t even have to smoke her up.
    207. Because they have websites dedicated to them.
    208. Because she knows he has a thing for rooftops.
    209. Because he was losing sleep thinking about her.
    210. Because of the tears in their eyes when they talked in the Hamptons.
    211 . Because Chuck was concerned about Marcus lying to Blair on what college he goes to.
    212. Because even Harold is on Team Chair. (In “2×16 Harold asked if Chuck was joining them at the opera.)
    213. Because even Leighton said they’re perfect for each other and wants them to be together.
    214. Because he had a dozen roses in one hand and his heart in the other.
    215. Because she was afraid that she’ll just be another girl to him but she was wrong. You know it’s love when Blair Waldorf gets scared.
    216. Because he wasn’t there to gloat.
    217. Because viewers cannot stop blogging about Chair.
    218. Because when Blair sent Chuck the text message in 2×08 that said he won, Chuck's face lit up.
    219. Because not only were they holding hands in the limo but Chuck also held her hand in 1×8 and 2×08.
    220. Because when Chuck came to see Blair in 2x12 he was playing the piano when she came downstairs.
    221. Because he can smile sweetly only for/to her.
    222. Because we obsess over every single look.
    223. Because when she was dancing for him he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.
    224. When they were dancing at the snowflake ball they were smiling and couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other.
    225. Because Chuck has to learn to behave and who better to teach him than Blair.
    226. Because Chuck’s wish did come true.
    227. Because they have hundreds of songs that pertain to them.
    228. Because he likes girls who are intelligent, but not book worms.
    229. Because he got defensive when Serena told him Blair would never forgive him for what he did.
    230. Because fans make videos about them.
    231. Because they make viewers cry when they are together and cry when they are apart.
    232. Because fans are not going to get sleep until they are happily together.
    233. Because she puts so much effort into making him jealous.
    234. Because he fired Ben, just for her.
    235. Because whatever he wanted to do to himself, he didn’t want to do that to her.
    236. Because she wanted to go with him if he had to leave.
    237. Because she asked him not to go.
    238. Because he was right about how she didn’t like James/Marcus.
    239. Because she stood by him even after all his awful words.
    240. Because she told him she had moves, and he saw them.
    241. Because she was running away after he told her he didn’t want her anymore.
    242. Because Lily told him not push away those who love him and then he went to Blair.
    243. Because she knew he didn’t appreciate anything and she didn’t care.
    244. Because she can find some excruciating pleasure in waiting for him.
    245. Because one day he hoped to find true love too, and he did.
    246. Because you can feel the sparks when they are together.
    247. Because he had the death stare when Dan told him he talked Blair out of saying “I love you”.
    248. Because he regretted telling her to stop trying to play wife.
    249. Because she couldn’t look him in the eyes when she told him she was done.
    250. Because she kissed him first.
    251. Because he had no idea who the girl up there was.
    252. Because she told him she wouldn’t miss the opening of Victrola, and she didn’t.
    253. Because fanfictions are written about them.
    254. Because when she drunk dials, she calls him.
    255. Because Nate is her past, but Chuck is her future.
    256. Because she couldn’t wait to see him.
    257. Because he knew he made the wrong decision as soon as her plane took off.
    258. Because seeing the pin on Marcus’ sleeve ruined his appetite.
    259. Because she is wearing the necklace Chuck gave her even when she sleeps with Nate.
    260. Because Chuck knows Blair's answer to the Dean's question.
    261. Because she rubbed her hand through his hair when they were kissing in the limo.
    262. Because he is sorry for everything.
    263. Because he can manipulate anyone, but her (she sees right through his schemes).
    264. Because he wouldn’t settle just for sex with her.
    265. Because she saved his life when he didn’t want to be saved.
    266. Because he can “torture” anyone but he chose Blair.
    267. Because he has names for her when they make love.
    269. Because it wasn’t for sport; she needed someone and he was there.
    270. Because he makes her breath stop when he gazes into her eyes.
    271. Because he brings out the ‘worst’ in her and she brings out the best in him.
    272. Because she is one addiction he will never get over.
    273. Because any other guy dating Blair does not have a future with her.
    274. Because she looks good in purple too (…and in white, green, black and pink).
    275. Because she will always be his first love.
    276. Because other girls may see the good in him, but only Blair can accept the bad.
    277. Because she understands and forgives his mistakes (eventually).
    278. Because Chuck’s full name is Charles Bartholomew Bass, BCB
    and Blair’s full name is Blair Cornelia Waldorf, BCW. Both of their initials spell out BC and CB!!! It’s fate.
    279. Because he knew exactly what she got on her exams.
    280. Because she knew he could run his fathers company.
    281. Because they are the first couple Becca has EVER shipped.
    282. Because they both hate Dan Humphrey.
    283. Because they both take their names way too seriously.
    284. Because they both believed that hard work would earn them their parents’ love and respect.
    285. Because in 2×18 Elle told Chuck that he has a good heart and he should be with someone who cares, and he immediately went to see Blair.
    286. Because when Dorota told Chuck Blair was out he said “I’ll wait.”
    287. Because in ep 2.08 Chuck said to Blair that he’d rather wait and in ep. 2.18 he DID wait for her.
    288. Because Blair has 5 letters, Chuck has 5 letters, and Chair has 5 letters, it is so meant to be
    289. Because the character Dorota and the actress who plays her are both ‘rooting for Chair’.
    290. Because Chuck stole Serena’s phone to see if Blair changed her number.
    291. Because Chuck wanted to get rid of Carter because he thought the old Blair would return.
    292. Because the only thing Blair wanted more than Chuck was Yale.
    293. Because Serena told him that to get Blair back all he has to do is make her feel safe and told him “You know what you need to say”
    294. Because he knows her better than he knows himself.
    295. Because he bought her a little something from Tiffany’s.
    296. Because he went to see her to tell her he loves her.
    297. Because his face was heartbroken when he saw Nate’s jacket.
    298. Because he knows he is losing her.
    299. Because when Nate asked Chuck “where’s the girl?”, Chuck answered “in my dreams”. And we all know he was thinking of Blair. (episode 8, season 1 – Blair’s b day).
    300. Because Chuck wants to lick Blair’s wounds.
    301. Because Chuck knows Blair wanted him. (”the only thing she wanted more than me”)
    302. Because he’s the one who’s trying to help her.
    303. Because Carter knew the thing that would hurt Chuck the most is to take Blair from him.
    304. Because Chuck hired a PI to dig dirt on Carter so that he’d have Blair back.
    305. Because is from Chuck that Blair learned to let loose.
    306. Because Chuck isn’t going to play “where’s Waldorf all night”.
    307. Because Chuck wanted to bribe Dorota into telling him where’s Blair.
    308. Because when Serena and Chuck found Blair at the dean’s house Blair asked “Chuck? What r u doing here?” like Serena didn’t even exist.
    309. Because while Blair was rejected by the dean, Chuck couldn’t even look at her 2 see how hurt she was.
    310. Because Chuck is glad “the old Blair is in there, somewhere”.
    311. Because Dorota tipped Chuck off of Blair’s whereabouts.
    312. Because when Blair mentioned George Sand she looked at Chuck because she knew he payed attention when she talked about Yale. (”New Haven Can Wait”)
    313. Because Blair wants Chuck to remember the first time he saw the real her.
    314. Because Blair admitted dancing for Chuck at Victrola.
    315. Because Blair did want Chuck to take her.
    316. Because Chuck could have taken advantage of her but he didn’t. It’s not about sex anymore.
    317. Because Serena told Chuck to fight 4 Blair and he listened to her and went by Blair’s place.
    318. Because Serena knows Chuck is the only one who can make Blair feel safe again.
    319. Because even if Dorota told the doorman “no visitors”, Chuck found a way to get in.
    320. Because Chuck needs just a moment of Blair's time.
    321. Because we loved how in this ep. Chuck realized the most important thing in his life is Blair.
    322. They both bite their bottom lip when they’re turned on by the other person (Blair last night in the “Take me now” scene, and Chuck in the make out scene from ‘Hi Society’.)
    323. Their hottest making out sessions (imho) are with each other.
    324. They are both currently not technically living with their biological parents.
    325. Their most poignant scenes are with each other.
    326. They both have brown eyes.
    327. They both have similar facial expressions sometimes.
    328. They both gained a few pounds since Season 1.
    329. They both love to scheme.
    330. They’re hot even when they fight because they’re so passionate and they love each other so.
    331. Because Chuck called Carter an insect and looked genuinely pissed that Leighton…’Blair’ was with Carter and not him.
    332. They’ve both had issues with love.
    333. They’ve both had issues with Georgina.
    334. They’ve both had strained/conditional relationships with their parents.
    335. Because while Carter was kissing her, Blair couldn’t take her eyes off Chuck.
    336. Because Leighton said that Blair needs Chuck, and Chuck completes Blair.
    337. Because she fought for him, hard, for so long!
    338. Because “fireworks”, “that was us”.
    339. Because the game 'how well you know Blair Waldorf was funny for him
    340. Because he make her love him and hate him at the same time.
    341. Because Chuck called the P.I. to investigate about Marcus.
    342. Because he knows every single detail of her.
    343. Because he knew the guy who chewed gum, would drive her mad.
    344. Because she doesn’t want an intelligent man, she only thinks so
    345. Because he wanted her to drop her Archibald habit.
    346. Because his arm was on her when he slept next to her.
    347. Because she read the letter from his father.
    348. Because she was the only one who went after him when he left the penthouse after his father’s funeral.
    349. Because he wanted her again the second night after their first night.
    350. Because he wanted her to consider avoiding him over breakfast just so he could be with her. (S1.E8)
    351. Because he knew it was more than just Gossip Girl airing her dirty laundry.
    352. Because she knew it wasn’t Marcus in the room with her.
    353. Because Chuck is the cause of the disease Blairanoia (and also the cure).
    354. Because she will stand by thim through the worst thing he has ever done, the darkest thought he’s ever had.
    355. Because “she is not his girfriend” but yet he loves her so much.
    356. Because he cried in her arms like a child…they need no words to understand eachother.
    357. Because they slept fully clothed next to eachother.
    358. Because they say if you love someone you should set it free.
    359. Because like Serena said this time is different (when Dan said Blair and Chuck don’t love each other)
    360. Because he is done playing games.
    361. Because he brings her peonies.
    362. Because she had prepared a candle light dinner for him.
    363. Because she has faith in him.
    364. Because he made his father proud when speaking about her.
    365. Because someone can love Chuck Bass.
    366. Because the only thing that will get Blair to relax is Chuck.
    367. Because the best thing about her is she knows him, knows he’ll never change.
    368. Because she will be his one and only REAL girlfriend.
    369. Because he isn’t Chuck Bass without her.
    370. Because she used Marcus only to show him he didn’t hurt her.
    371. Because they land on good ideas together.
    372. Because he was a perfect gentleman the whole week they were together.
    373. Because even Serena said all Chuck had was Blair after his father died and he was back from Thailand.
    374. Because Chuck went to school to see Blair when he should have been home hooked up to an IV.
    375. Because Blair told Dan it was the same for them as it was for him and Serena.
    376. Because Blair wanted her and Chuck to say I love you together.
    377. Because Chuck stalks Blair in a desperate romantic way (S1.E8 at the church, S2.E20 at Nate’s).
    378. Because Blair says that Chuck is dead to her as his father is to him, but we all know that isn’t true. Chuck thinks about his father all the time.
    379. Because Chuck and Blair have DRAMA!
    380. Because when she looked into his eyes she didn’t see him anymore.
    381. Because he always tells her he is sorry.
    382. Because he cared enough to compare her to a sweaty old horse.
    383. Because they caught her cellphone at the exact same time because they read each other’s minds (2-08).
    384. Because:”don’t you see we’re the same.”
    385. Because she will fight every resemblance she has with him.
    386. Because he said to Nate: If you wanna be done with Blair be done.
    387. Because Chuck’s the gift that keeps on giving.
    388. Because only Blair could make Chuck dysfunctional.
    389. Because during the debutante rehearsal Chuck only had eyes for Blair.
    390. Because he went to find her after she told him not to talk to her.
    391. Because Chuck was silent at first when Serena asked how things went with Blair at Nate’s reunion.
    392. Because she was the baby vamp that Chuck lost his heart to.
    393. Because of the look Chuck had when he found out that Marcus was a lord.
    394. Because she is the only girl he bought a gift for after their first time.
    395. Because it was 12:01 and Chuck was smarmy.
    396. Because Blair left her mother’s wedding to stay with Chuck to comfort him.
    397. Because he blew out her candles.
    398. Because as Serena said: he does have this weird influence over her.
    399. Because even Dan said (and was the first one to ever say it)…Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck.
    400. Because she ran after him when he “lost his appetite.”
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    401. Because she’ll squash him.
    402. Because of the look in his face when he says: that was us.
    403. Because she thought (and still thinks but she’s in denial) that Chuck was her future.
    404. Because they have fireworks.
    405. Because she was given orders from God himself to avoid him.
    406. Because she can be bitch enough for both of them and he has the scars to prove it.
    407. Because Chuck was better but only for Blair.
    408. Because he’s not Chuck Bass without her. And she’s definitely not Blair Waldorf without him.
    409. Because Chuck doesn’t want Blair 2 be anything other than she is.
    410. Because Chuck knows that Blair needs someone 2 believe in her.
    411. Because she wouldn’t give Nate an answer until Chuck answered her question.
    412. Because he let her go, thinking he doesn’t make her happy.
    413. Because he told Serena he loves her.
    414. Because Nate has to say the word and Blair could crash with Chuck at his place, he won’t mind.
    415. Because if what he feels for her is real they can work it out.
    416. Because she spent the night in the limo with Chuck instead of the night in the apartment with Nate.
    417. Because when Blair said “then please Chuck…just let me go” her tear dropped.
    418. Because she was the first person to get a real laugh out of him after his fathers death.
    419. Because he knows she wears her beret to spy on people.
    420. Because she tries to hide from him when he catches her spying.
    421. Because she knows he caught her spying and she gives him a cute smile.
    422. Because he can’t help but smile at her when she is scheming.
    423. Because when Blair saw Chuck walk out of the bar she said ‘looks like God answered my prayers’.
    424. Because they fell asleep in the back of the limo and woke up holding hands.
    425. Because they both carry morning kits with them.
    426. Because with Chuck and Blair it’s always a big deal.
    427. Because Chuck doesn’t want to put a leash on Blair.
    428. Because when Blair kissed Nate in front of Chuck he couldn’t look.
    429. Because he brings Blair her jacket.
    430. Because when Serena said ‘you are using this as an excuse to get back together’ they don’t deny it.
    431. Because Blair called Chuck not Nate when she wanted to dig up dirt on Gabriel.
    432. Because Chuck used the excuse of finding Georgina to get Blair away from Nate.
    433. Because he knows her weakness for limos.
    434. Because even if Nate asked Chuck to stay away from Blair he couldn’t deny her when she called saying ‘Bass what do you say…once last mission?’.
    435. Because of Chuck’s facial expression when he heard that Blair was going to move in with Nate.
    436. Because he had tears in his eyes when he let her go.
    437. Because whenever she tries to move on he’s always there acting like….he loves her.
    438. Because Blair chose to go on a quest with the Dark Prince.
    439. Because he brought Blair her bag when they were going to find Georgina.
    440. Because she called Chuck when Serena got arrested even after their talk.
    441. Because he took a long pause to gather his emotions before he told her ‘it’s just a game…you’re free to go’.
    442. Because she said thank you after the bar scene in 2.23 the exact same way she said thank you after the white scene in 2.01 when both time he didn’t tell her how he felt.
    443. Because Chuck told Blair to call Eleanor and tell her she won’t be coming home that night. It’s important to him that his future mother in law knows that she’s safe.
    444. Because they both care about how their hair looks (limo scene 2.22).
    445. Because he knows she enjoyed his leather seats on the way home from seeing Georgina.
    446. Because she took his limo and left him having to take a cab.
    447. Because she tells him to shut up in the most adorable way after he says ‘this seems eerily familiar’.
    448. Because Blair didn’t go with Chuck only to help her best friend – ‘Is that the only reason?’.
    449. Because the dark prince has just one thing on his mind and it isn’t slaying dragons.
    450. Because Chuck was afraid that Georgina was going to hurt Blair.
    451. Because Chuck teased Nate about Blair leaving the party with him.
    452. Because Blair doesn’t want to move in with Nate because she’s in love with Chuck.
    453. Because he wants her to be happy.
    454. Because when Nate said he loved her she couldn’t say it back because she is in love with Chuck, not NATE!
    455. Because Chuck loves her the way she is and doesn’t try to change her.
    456. Because Chuck says the transformation of Georgina is perfection because she looks exactly like Blair and Blair is perfection.
    457. Because when he is admiring Georgina’s transformation he glances over to Blair and gives her a smile because he is so proud of her.
    458. Because of the hatred in Chuck’s eyes when Nate says he wants Blair.
    459. Because Chuck wanted to buy Blair a cocktail.
    460. Because like Leighton said “They are so perfect because they get each other.”
    461. Because Chuck knows her deep dark side, and finds it hot. – Leighton
    462. Because Blair knows that Chuck has a soul.
    463. Because Blair wanted to know if what Chuck feels for her is real.
    464. Because during their conversation at the bar they both looked into each other’s eyes the whole time.
    465. Because he takes Blair’s phone calls outside rather than where Nate can hear them.
    466. Blair’s last name is Waldorf. One of the most luxurious hotels in NYC is Waldorf-Astoria. Chuck’s family is in hotel business. Even remote circumstances are in their favor.
    467. Because even Gossip Girl herself wants Blair to be with the Dark Prince.
    468. Because he knows where she hides her scrapbook.
    469. Because he ordered her a dress from Paris.
    470. Because Chuck didn’t even try to defend himself when Blair accused him of sabotaging her, he let her abuse him.
    471. Because he smiled when he saw her happy on stage even if he wasn’t beside her.
    472. Because he thinks her dress looks better without the corsage.
    473. Because even Serena said what Chuck did for Blair was ’sweet’ and Chuck Bass doesn’t do sweet.
    474. Because he wanted her to have the perfect prom night even if it’s not with him.
    475. Because she couldn’t help but smile when Chuck asked her to dance at the Snowflake Ball.
    476. Because she took a long pause before she said ‘and if not Chuck then please….just let me go’.
    477. Because Chuck knows that she has more wit than she gets credit for.
    478. Because only a masochist could love a narcissist.
    479. Because Blair saying 'Chuck please' calms him down. (Blair reading Bart's letter in 2.15).
    480. Because Chuck wrote Blair a letter and Chuck Bass doesn't write girls letters.
    481. Because to Chuck, Blair is a queen and he only sees her as a queen.
    482. Because Blair is the center of Chuck’s world and he will do anything to make her happy.
    483. Because he voted for her to win Prom Queen 150 times.
    484. Because even Gossip Girl was speechless after Chuck said ILY to Blair. She always has long monologue at the end of the episode but she only said ‘xoxo’.
    485. Because when Leighton was asked who else would she want to see Blair with she said NO ONE. Chuck all the way!
    486. Because he went around the world to bring back her favorite accessories.
    487. Because Blair wanted Serena to tell her how Chuck sounded when he said he loved her.
    488. Because Blair wanted Chuck to know that she and Nate broke up.
    489. Because she loves him so much it consumes her.
    490. Because Blair has been looking for Chuck.
    491. Because he loves her too!
    492. Because the way she taps his shoulder.
    493. Because of the way she grabs his face.
    494. Because of his facial expression when he asks Blair how she is.
    495. Because he was looking at her at graduation.
    496. Because they were walking side by side at graduation.
    497. Because he didn’t want talking when she pulled him into the room.
    498. Because Chuck Bass is not a coward anymore and Blair Waldorf is not weakling.
    499. Because everywhere he went she caught up to him.
    500. Because of the smile on their faces when they are kissing at the end of the finale.
    501. Because when Nate told Chuck that Blair broke up with him, Chuck’s facial expression was ‘Thank you God’.
    502. Because when they were plotting against GG Blair was sitting next to Chuck on the steps.
    503. Because Blair hopes that Chuck is ready to love her the way Cyrus loves her mother.
    504. Because Blair was dressing up for Chuck.
    505. Because even Eleanor ships Chair. “Don’t let him get away with it”
    506. Because Chuck signed Blair to join him in the room when she was talking to Jenny at the party.
    507. Because he prefers to talk after.
    508. Because he likes her coat.
    509. Because he admires her headbands.
    510. Because he adores her stockings.
    511. Because she forgave him for sleeping with Vanessa and he forgave her for sleeping with Jack.
    512. Because he worships her dress.
    513. Because Blair stripped for him.
    514. Because all of the gossip and lies and hurt was all worth it because they love each other.
    515. Because his I love you was in front of the limo just like hers was.
    516. Because Chuck was mad when he found out about Blair and Jack. He was jealous and hurt and that is true love.
    517. Because Blair didn’t leave Chuck alone even if he wanted her too.
    518. Because she is the only one who knows he isn’t a coward.
    519. Because Blair won’t find excuses anymore.
    520. Because she even told Little J that she loves Chuck.
    521. Because Blair wanted him to stay and hear it that time, she loves him.
    522. Because “Chuck Bass I love you” over and over again.
    523. Because Chuck watched Blair through the window.
    524. Because the song that was playing in the background during the ILY scene was LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    525. Because Blair wants Chuck to have fun in Europe even if he hurt her.
    526. Because he was in Paris to get her favorite macaroons.
    527. Because he was in Germany to pick up her favorite falke stockings.
    528. Because Blair can believe him this time.
    529. Because Chuck can say it twice, well several times.
    530. Because "I love you, that's three, four, I love you".
    531. Because this time they will spend the whole summer together!
    532. Because she sat next to him in the limo in the pilot.
    533. Because they each have said I love you to each other 4 total times.
    534. Because in the Pilot episode when Nate and Serena see each other for the first time and Blair walks in between the two, you can see Chuck in the background turn around at the exact same second that Blair walks out of the room.
    535. Because there is some scholarly person named Chuck Blair. They’re meant to be.
    536. Because Chuck totally orchestrated that whole blackout in 'Dark Night'.
    537. Because Blair didn’t let anyone eat his eclairs.
    538. Because they are both an only child.
    539. Because they are holding hands even though they said they never could!
    540. Because in the limo in the pilot Chuck was joking around with Blair and she was very happy until Chuck moved away and left her with Nate then she immediately became depressed.
    541. Because seeing them together gives their fans happiness, smiles, and butterflies.
    542. Because episode 1×13 (The Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate) is based on A thin line between love and hate. Chuck’s name replaces LOVE while Nate’s replaces hate.
    543. Because Chuck’s initials and Chuck & Blair’s initials combined both spell CB.
    544. Because she saved him from committing suicide even when his uncle couldn't.
    545. Because she advocated for him when he got caught using hash at school.
    546. Because what she thought was a Bassian desert turned out to be the Bassian Promised Land.
    547. Because he lets her be with Nate because Chuck loves her and can't make her happy.
    548. Because he tells Nate that it's stupid to want Blair for anything other than who she is.
    549. Because carefree, reckless Blair (without all the frustration and hangups) is not the Blair he wants.
    550. Because when he went to Europe, she caught up with him wherever he went.
    551. Because he stole her virginity but she stole his heart.
    552: Because the summer seemed insanely long without them.
    553: Because they are the heart and soul...and the horny, evil, manipulative genius of the Manhattan elite.
    554: Because we think about Chuck and Blair, when we are bored...which means we think about them all the time. And only them.
    555: Because they are worthy of the list.
    556. Because Blair only gets shy and nervous around Chuck.
    557. Because she only strips for Chuck...twice.
    558. Because it's normal to dream about Chair when your sleeping. it's not normal to dream of them in the bathroom, during lunch in the cafeteria, or during a lecture your teacher is giving.
    559. Because Blair accepts him for who he is.
    560. Because Chuck Bass only DOES girlfriends when it's Blair Waldorf.
    561. Because they are GG longest standing couple.
    562. Because Ed and Leighton are nominated for an emmy for their role as Chuck and Blair.
    563. Because they are beating out 3 other couples in the 'sexiest couple' category on tv.com by 95%.
    564. Because over the summer Chuck and Blair are having a budding relationship.
    565. Because Season 3 is going to be the best season yet because Chair are together.
    566. Because she's the one who will forgive him and give him a second chance like Lily did for Bart.
    567. Because she's the only prize worth wasting his time on that troll Vanessa.
    568. Because they both have their signature articles of clothing - the headband for Blair, and the scarf for Chuck.
    567. The worst thing he's ever done, the darkest thought he's ever had, she'll stand by him through anything, because she loves him, and he loves her too. =)
    568. Because even Blake Lively ships Chair "And Chuck and Blair are FINALLY a Couple!"
    569. Because Chuck knows, "talking to Blair about how she's going to get into Yale gets her really..."
    570. Because when Dan asked Nate, Blair, and Chuck if they all hated each other, Chuck shook his head and said "No!"(1x17)
    571. Because Blair knows from experience that the nape of the neck is Chuck's kryptonite, and uses that to seduce him.
    572. Because she wasn't "the least bit worried he'd succeed". She wanted him to. (2x07)
    573. Because Chuck watched Blair kissing Nate wistfully in the Wild Brunch.
    574. Because they had chemistry since the pilot.
    575. Because after the masquerade ball, Blair ignored Nate to talk to Chuck.
    576. Because he had a bouquet of red roses he was going to bring her in 1x18.
    577. Because he knows how much the pin means to her and the whole story behind it.
    578. Because everyone knows the double meaning behind the "Come on man, who better?"
    Nate/Chuck dialouge in Hi, Society.
    579. Because they match even when they're fighting (2x01 for example).
    580. Because Blair wanted his limo. (2x12).
    581. Because when Blair was dating Nate or Marcus her voice had a fake tone to it because she wasn't being herself.
    582. Because Chuck went to her apartment to wait for her and tell her he loved her twice. (2x18,2x19).
    583. Because Chuck left the room while on the phone with her because he didn't want Humphrey eavesdropping on his sacred conversation with the girl he loved. (1x17).
    584. Because they use the same threats. In 1x13, Blair tells Jenny, "the hazing stops when I say it stops" and Chuck tells Blair, "the game doesn't end until I say it ends."
    585. They both have a need for control.
    586. Because they both have best friends that are always in the spotlight and get more love than they do.
    587. Because Blair can sense when Chuck is standing behind her and she turns around in the exact same way to greet him (wild brunch & white party).
    588. Because Chuck left town because he was so sorry and thought she deserved much better.
    589. Because at graduation, Chuck immediately looked at Blair to check if she was okay after the gossip girl blast.
    590. Because like Leighton said "Blair was infatuated with Chuck at first."
    591. Because sometimes love doesn't need words (hug 2x13).
    592. Because both Leighton and Ed's favorite episode to film was 1x07 when Chair first hooked up.
    592. Because no matter how many times we watch their ILY scenes we still get butterflies.
    593. Because they both hate to lose any game.
    594. Because Blair thought her prom dress looked better without the corsage too.
    595. Because when she was on stage with Nate she couldn't help but smile at Chuck.
    596. Because she wished it was him standing next to her on stage.
    597. Because she squeezed his shoulder and grabbed his hand at the graduation party.
    598. Because they locked eyes and he nodded at her and she couldn't wait to get over to him.
    599. Because she went to the party looking for him.

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    600. Because she hyperventilated when he said "I love you too".
    601. Because they both smiled before he said ILY because they knew it was coming.
    602. Because when she has a proposition for him, he'll say yes.
    603. Because after she says she's done in 2x15, she doesn't sleep a wink that night.
    604. Because she has to watch Gilmore Girls to fill the hole Chuck left in her heart.
    605. Because Chuck's body knew what he wasn't ready to admit - that he still had feelings for Blair.
    606. Because when we hear songs that were featured in a Chair scene we immediately smile and think of them.
    607. Because Josh Schwartz said "so this is your bed, huh" was foreshadowing.
    608. Because Josh also said that they intended on Chair from the beginning because they were both deliciously evil characters.
    609. Because Leighton is rooting for them.
    610. Because they are "fun, comedic, and not normal by any means" - Leighton.
    611. Because Ed is loving season 3 because Chuck and Blair are in the relationship now.
    612. Because they managed to get nearly 650 answers.
    613. Because secretly they've always loved each other.
    614. Because everyone wants them to happen.
    615. Because they love each other...and that's what matters.
    616. Because Chuck managed to travel 1/2 way around the world to please Blair and make their moment so special with all of her favorite things.
    617. Because we could go on for hours about how they make us cry, jump for joy, shake our head, nod in agreement, and laugh. all @ the same time.
    612. Because they are fun, with a bit of an edge, and hot and heavy

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    Happiness is like the old man told me. Look for it, and you’ll never find it. Let it go, live your life and leave it. Then one day wake up and she’ll be home.

    Words From Whitney (Author of “Fake Empire”)

    “I think the draw for me with Chuck and Blair was how unique they were to television. I admit to loving a very specific prototype couple before CB came along: the bad boy and the good girl. I liked the cliché redemption arc that always brought tears to my eyes. There was a comfort in knowing exactly how those couples and stories would play out, so I was reluctant to jump into the water with Chuck and Blair. He wasn’t just a bad boy, he was a bad, bad boy. He did despicable things and felt no remorse. And Blair… Well, Blair was the bad girl. She was the one you root against in romantic relationships while the “good” girl sneaks in and gets the guy. So, it was to my utter surprise when I found myself wanting the baddies together. Their spark, their energy – it just exploded on screen. I liked that they were devious and manipulative, and that they could revel in that together. There was something very freeing about watching a couple that not only accepted one another fully, but really enjoyed one another.

    I once heard that loving someone means more than just loving the good parts of them, but also loving the monsters under their bed. I feel like that’s what it ultimately comes down to with Chuck and Blair. They love the good parts of one another - they’re loyal, they’re deeply devoted to each other and their friends - but they also know how to love the one another’s monsters. They fought them away together. I think it says a lot that at their lowest points, it was always the other who was there as a shining beacon of light. It didn’t always work out for the best, but the intentions were always good.

    You hear so much about one person in a relationship needing to be redeemed, but that too was different with Chuck and Blair. They both came into this relationship needing redemption. It’s been a constant theme between them. Sometimes they needed to find forgiveness in others, sometimes in themselves, and most times from each other. I think it testifies to the strength of this couple that no matter what awful thing has been thrown at them, or what awful thing they’ve done to each other, they’re always able to come back around to the love. Some call that unhealthy, but I see it as the exact opposite. There’s something very beautiful and kind in the forgiveness they show one another. At their core they understand that while the love they share is messy, it is pure. It is the strongest thing in both their lives, the lightning rod they continually return to. And to me that’s the best kind of love. That kind of love survives the bad things, the third parties, the wandering hearts – it triumphs because it’s steadfast. At the end of the line, it will always be Chuck and Blair. Their hearts will always return to one another.”
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    Sex and Scheming Among Many Others …

    So it gets thrown around all the time when the question of compatibility is raised, what do Chuck and Blair have in common aside from sex and scheming (as though the past 5 seasons have shown them to be nothing more than nymphomaniac deviants, having achieved nothing but the Big-O in their shared screen-time). Firstly I consider this a direct slight at the show-runners whose complex story of Chuck and Blair (involving much more than sex and/or scheming) cannot be denied over the years; regardless of whether you consider them to be endgame or not. Secondly, I put it to those nay-sayers that perhaps they have not been as invested in the show as their claims which they hold as a badge of entitlement.


    Yes, Chuck and Blair CONNECTED over a scheme, but there is no doubt that they did not just meet in the pilot; therefore those arguments that say they didn’t have a friendship are inaccurate. It was in spending that time together they began to see the complex sides to each other’s personalities and saw each other more than the friends they already were; years before we even met them.

    Through scheming, they began to understand each other, developing feelings for the other. From Chuck’s masked praise “You don’t get nearly enough credit for your wit” [1.03] and “you are my toughest critic, well second toughest” [1.07]; to Blair’s growing affections “Truly, I am proud” [1.07] – their progress from friends to lovers was, and still is, the most organic relationship the show has EVER shown.

    Chuck found his humanity in Blair, a shielded heart slowing opening ever-so-slightly to let someone in, risking the same cycle of hurt he had known his whole life. Growing up without ever knowing the kindness of family or friends, and instead finding comfort in the staff of his father’s hotels, or his slew of nannies; he found the strength to feel for someone and expose himself in trying to make them happy: “Something this beautiful deserves someone worthy of its beauty” [1.08]

    Blair stopped hiding behind her shield of strength and valour with Chuck. Behind the “label-whoring package of girly evil” she was vulnerable and lived in the shadows of her mother’s success, constantly battling the ideals of aesthetic perfection in the fashion industry. Chuck affirmed to her that she was more than an “accessory” to him [1.10].

    Dan and Blair share common interests in movies and books from mid-S4.


    Their intimate knowledge of each other did not require articulated dialogue between one another for us, the audience, to believe it. With just one line “You didn’t think you were the only one who knew about the scrapbook, did you?” [2.24] there is nothing more that needs saying of his feelings for his beloved. As for Blair - all she needed was to see Chuck distraught on her bed to instinctively rush over and cradle him with the warmth he had never felt from someone’s touch that didn’t involve being naked [2.13]. They both inherently KNOW what the other needs, even if it is against every fibre of their being in that moment – Blair was with Nate at the prom, and Chuck had just rejected her protestation of love in those two examples.

    Dan and Blair share common interests in movies and books from mid-S4.


    In fact, so deep is their commonality that they aware when the other is not acting like themself. Chuck found the strength to deny Blair her self-destruction despite craving her touch for so long -“This isn’t you … it’s not the Blair I want” [2.19] - as it meant what they had was “nothing”. And Blair confessed to Serena about “losing him” despite being very much in a relationship with him [3.14]. She knew him.

    Dan and Blair share common interests in movies and books from mid-S4.


    Chuck and Blair respect each other’s friendships. After the cake incident with Serena, he observes a “freakishly calm Blair” and notes “the calm won’t last, and when it breaks there are going to be pieces of Blair all over the wall” [3.09]. What did Chuck do? He aids them into reconciliation knowing it’s what she needs.

    Similarly Blair allows a lost weekend to mark Nate’s moving in, understanding that it was important to their friendship [3.09]. And when Serena chose Tripp over Nate, Chuck asks Blair “Hey do you mind if I stay?” with which she replies, “Yes, but that’s why I love you” [3.11].

    Chuck and Blair will always respect each other’s relationships outside of their own and will never try to monopolise one another for their own personal benefit.

    Dan and Blair share common interests in movies and books from mid-S4.


    They familiarise themselves with secret societies – he holding the future of America to ransom during open week at Yale, and she campaigning for her place in Girls Society and La Table Elitaire. But not only are Chuck and Blair aware of the other’s relentless pursuit to break away from the success of their parents and forge their own; they both support each other’s quest. Blair believed in Chuck when she surrendered the “vintage McMullen” at the Sotheby’s auction in order for him to take his business savvy to the next level [3.03]; and Chuck was always the feather for a Blair who was afraid of flying on her own merit; applying to Columbia for her in spite of her reluctance out of embarrassment for having to admit NYU was a mistake [3.20].

    Dan and Blair share common interests in movies and books from mid-S4.


    They are both a complex dichotomy of refined breeding in over-achievement and trashy pop culture. He identifies with Ivanka Trump, and she with “Hilary Clinton in the White House”; but endearingly compare themselves to “Brad and Angelina” [4.09]. Chuck and Blair also share literature and turn it into a fun role-play exercise to enjoy as a couple (Ana Karenina and Wuthering Heights); along with old movies where Chuck is intimately aware that she is not Bette Davis but always Audrey Hepburn [3.06]. At the same time, they share a private joke when Blair is likened to the “manwhore” Lance Armstrong [3.11]. Hell, they even went to a Robyn concert where she sang karaoke drunk [4.07]!

    Dan and Blair share common interests in movies and books from mid-S4.


    Chuck and Blair are cultured; he travels to France for Blair’s favourite macarons, to Germany for her favourite fall stockings [2.25]. They both vacation in Europe, and the Hamptons (as Blair stated she would continue to do so at her Cotiliion). He arranges a chef to personally cater for one of her functions after she states there’s “nothing wrong with a lobster pot-pie between friends” [4.09]. Blair indulges Chuck his sexual deviousness in a way that they can remain in a fulfilling monogamous relationship; at the same time exploring her own insatiable appetite. And of course they have an affinity for classical grand piano melodies … [4.07]

    Dan and Blair share common interests in movies and books from mid-S4.


    What do Dan and Blair have in common aside from a common interest in movies and books? After the book is finished, or the movie ends; then what? The only thing that Dan and Blair have over Chuck and Blair is institutionalised education. But what Chuck lacks in book knowledge, he makes up in practical knowledge. Chuck and Blair share so much more than they are given credit for because it has not been paraded before us through contrived dialogue – or “witty banter” if you will. Their affinity is natural and organic and can do without the fanfare.

    Chuck and Blair are fictional characters in a story, they are not real people and to relate them to real life situations to make a narrative conclusion is to do a disservice to the storytelling. Clearly their story is one told over the course of 5 seasons; and still ongoing despite this “dair-tour”. Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck; the ONLY ending that makes sense.
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    Two seconds.


    It seems like this is what you have to subsist on, to be a Chair shipper. Looks, and parrying statements, and blundering endings, and the excruciating performance of soul-mates wedged apart. It’s heart-fuck, for the most part – except there’s some really glorious moments mixed in, and Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester can make even the teensiest exchanges beautiful.

    I love the way that Chuck looked at Blair in the aforementioned two seconds, the way he always looks at Blair: like someone stuck a pen-knife under his façade and pressed, quickly and insistently, upwards. ‘Raw’ is the adjective. Tender, but not in its usual association with adoration – soft, yes, but in the sense of something unformed and easy to bruise, underbelly emotion, maybe terrified, maybe hopeful. Then he sees Serena, and the Social Secreepertary; that slight parting of the mouth is reset into the Business Bass mode, the hard line, and it’s interesting to me that the cracking-open and the sealing-shut both occur as he gazes into Blair’s face.

    I’m less impressed with Leighton here, but her job is arguably much harder. It’s all on her cute little face to reconcile the Chairytale we know is afoot and the most recent shenanigans the series has wreaked on her character (lol entendres!), and lately her response to Chuck seems to have been a kind of dead-eyed fascination. I’m not sure what it says. Is it proof of Blair’s resignation to Keep Promises to God and Apparently Fuck Dan (And Her Relationship With Serena By Metaphorical Proxy)? It might be. But I think it’s still in character in a certain manner, still telling. This is Blair when Waldorf Willpower carries the day again and again and again. This is Blair when there’s nothing left but a ‘no,’ which is, after all, her superpower, the ability to reject what’s at hand for her internal ideals, the ugly underhanded means towards beautiful Blair-ends, her designs, her story¸ the fairytale, as the show so often and subtly reminds us. In every other scene this episode she’s her familiar animate self, brows and eyes and imperious posture – only here is she pulled back, hidden, a limpet expression. It’s not insignificant that she glances at him as the elevator closes. Biting back something? I think so. They avoid touching each other as they exit, another season five development, which leads me to believe that all it will take to deliver a very Chairy ending in the season finale will be a slight skin graze before a marvelous primetime television prelude to sex.

    What I mean to say is: what a goddamn great two seconds.
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    Once upon a time a Beautiful Girl with dark chocolate brown hair, wrapped in a warm, pink and silk pyjamas, every night fell asleep dreaming about orange-flower with her handsome Prince Charming.
    But one day her life suddenly changed: a mysterious Knight with a black mantle and a violet bowtie kidnapped her in his black limousine and enclosed her in his silver Empire . Scared by the attraction that she felt, which pushed her to love black and red lingerie, the young lady forced herself to wear only blue and yellow outfits, waiting for her Prince Charming to come on his fierce white horse.
    But, enchantingly, the Dark Knight showed himself at the light and, magically, the Beautiful Girl could see beyond the black mantle. The boy wasorange, yellow, red, pink, light blue, brown,green, gray,blue and white more than any other prince. He was a wonderful, powerful King who was giving her his largest kingdom: his true colours.
    Like in a fairytale, the Beautiful Girl fell madly in love with him. So, the little baby with dark chocolate brown hair, who dreamed a perfect love with orange-flowers, becamea Beautiful Queen and lived a great golden love.

    Chair do it colourful is a guide for the interpretation of the colours Chuck and Blair wore in these five seasons. Through the use of colours' psychology and cultural symbolism we want to discover Chair's true colours.
    Do you want to speculate about future episodes analyzing outfits? Do you want to try to play with meanings to find other answers about their behaviour?
    Do you want to know the real meaning of



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    (war, passion & betryal)

    It is the first colour of the rainbow and it is thought to be the first colour perceived by babies. Showy, intense and stimulating, red is the symbol of love and passion. It is also linked with fire, celebration (Blair’s Christmas outfits in the episode 1x11), sexual attraction, authorityand royalty. In alchemy it represents man, sun, sulphur and gold. It is a symbol of fertility for the Native Americans, therefore it signifies life and warmth too (blood is in fact red).Whoever wears red seems to be talkative, extrovert and sometimes aggressive. In fact red is the colour of wrath andrage. It seems to be one of Blair’s favourite colours: she has been wearing red accessories (headbands, socks, shoes, but mostly bags) since the very first episode, although the dominant colours of her outfits were others (blue and white).

    Blair is wearing red for the first time during a phone call with Chuck, planning her revenge against Serena (1x03). Red is in fact the colour of Mars, god of war and red planet, because of its link with blood, violence, aggressiveness andwish to change. Blair also wears red while plotting against Jenny in 1x05 (Jenny’s initiation) and 3x09 (Blair’s plan to ruin Jenny’s cotillion)

    Red means competition, heroism, productivity andgreed as well. Chuck often wears red when he deals with his father, who’s himself famous for his striped red tie. Chuck has the same tie in 2x15 to emphasize the sense of challenge he feels towards Bart, his will to be considered worthy of the task he has been given and, at the same time, his wish to emulate him and indentify himself with him.

    The perception of red is appetite and, in terms of feelings, it expresses desire. Speaking about time, red is connected to the present. It’s a colour that provokes excitement, in fact being exposed to red accelerates the heartbeat and stimulates the production of adrenaline. Red is linked with putting all one’s energies into doing something, which is associated to self confidence and trust in one’s potential and skills. In this sense, Blair’s outfit in 4x02 is significant. We see her running to Chuck, determined to take him back home. This episode proves again how Blair is the strong side of the couple, compensating Chuck’s lack of courage (Blair is able to put aside her suffering for a moment and convince him to come back to NY).

    Red represents the impulse, the strength of willand every form of vitality, therefore also the need of achieving outcomes and being successful. In the episodes 2x09 and 2x17 Blair is wearing red when she tries to get into Yale. Likewise Chuck wears it in his storylines based onbusiness. For all the early part of Season 3, while he is buying and running the Empire, Chuck puts on red accessories (ties, suspenders, handkerchiefs, boutonnières).

    Therefore you also wear red to take heart and react towards stressful situations or to get rid of frustrating positions. For example, Blair is wearing a scarlet Victoria Beckham dress in the episode 3x02 when she is with Chuck. In this case red is without doubt a symbol of love, but it could also mean that she is under great strain for her fresh start at NYU. In the episode 5x06 Chuck is wearing a red tie when he finds out that he has been deceived by the psychologist who is working behind his back side by side with Louis.

    Scarlet red is also the colour of adultery (as in the novel “The Scarlet Letter” written by Hawthorne) and of female seduction. For example, Blair is wearing a red headband in the episode 1x07, the same episode in which she loses her virginity. The red bag seems to be a clear sign of underground love and scandal: see episodes 1x13, 2x20 and 5x07. The Oscar de la Renta dress worn by Blair in the episode 4x02 could be a foreshadowing of her infidelity in the season finale. Moreover, Blair always wears red when she wants to seduce Chuck (for example the famous scene of 1x10 or the one in 2x07).

    Dark red shows the greedy desireof having everything which allows you to live intensely and deeply. It is also a symbol of sexual freedomand eroticism (the rash and uninhibited one).
    In the episode 2x07 Chuck and Blair both wear dark red while they are dealing with the bet/erotic game which will lead them to the attempt of satisfying their sexual needs ( “I have an itch that only Chuck can scratch”), though they are not ready to actually start a committed relationship and to declare their feelings. Dark red represents constancy, continuity and immortality too. In the past it was a symbol of divine love. So if you wear it with black, it stands for hellish love and decadent passion.

    Blair is dressed in red at the end of 3x15, almost as a foreshadowing of the extreme love gesturethat she would make two episodes later, in 3x17. Chuck and Blair often have dark red matching outfits when they surrender to the passion without thinking about its “destructive” potential, like in 4x07 or 4x09, which are full of references to helland to wild emotion(“Go down in flames together”, “There is a fiery pit of hate burning inside me ready to explode”, “Angel drawn to the dark side”).

    Red has always been related to royal dignity and it is its symbol. In fact, Tyrian purple preciousness made red the colour of Kings, Princes and Religious dresses. Cardinals wear a red tunic which not only does it recall Church martyrs’ blood, but also their royalty. Indeed, they are called “Church’s Princes”.
    Blair often wears red when she has to affirm her authority as Queen (with J. during all Season One). In fact, during Blair’s regency period, her headbands are often red, entirely or just in some details. The same can be said for Chuck’s signature scarf, which is decorated with red inserts.

    Red is also linked with childhood misery, like birth trauma, abandonment, lack of physical bond with the mother and fear of parents. It can also be a sign of absence of limits and, at the same time, excessive rigidity.


    Blair: 1x03, 1x05, 1x11, 1x12 e x, 1x13 e x, 1x15 e x x, 1x18, 2x08, 2x10, 2x12, 2x14 e x, 2x16 e x, 2x17 e x, 3x04, 3x09, 4x11, 4x14, 4x17, 4x18, 5x09, 5x10, 5x11.

    Chuck: 1x06, 1x12, 1x15, 1x17, 2x01, 2x06, 2x07, 2x08, 2x09, 2x10, 2x14, 3x07, 3x09, 4x07, 4x09, 4x18, 5x01, 5x06.

      I want to let you know something that I noticed while I was looking for the outfits, which I think is really interesting. Speaking of 4x09, where both Chuck and Blair are dressed in red and black, Chuck has a little detail on the jacket that can predict the end of their relationship.

      The matching of red purse and shoes that Blair is wearing at the beginning of 2x14 could be referred to the New Year’s Eve she spent with Jack.

      Blair’s ring has a red ruby stone that could suggest the true nature of Blair Waldorf, that is competitive, passionate, ambitious, greedy, authoritarian, prone to anger and to “war”(war in love, as in life in general). If we think about it, authors have portrayed her with this nature from the very beginning. In fact Blair has worn her ring since forever, as to remind us of how she really is.

      Chuck’s famous tie in 2x15 has also an important symbolism in the dynamic of the episode. It starts with Chuck who has to read his legacy and chooses Bart’s tie, almost as a symbol of transition of power and succession – if we speak in legal terms – and it ends with Chuck losing everything against Jack and losing Blair too. That’s why we have the final scene where Chuck rips his red tie off in front of the mirror.
      Speaking of royalty, I think only Chuck and Blair usually wear red. Just a few people have sometimes worn red in the past seasons.
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    (queen bee, happiness & desire to succeed)

    Yellow is the colour that most reminds us of the sun. It gives cheerfulness and joy. It symbolizes change, pursuit of something newand liberation from conventions. It is a synonym ofpower, in fact Blair has often worn yellow since the pilot: she wears a yellow headband on the MET steps (1x01) and she has yellow accessories – shoes and purse- when she leaves her Constance Queen Bee crown to Jenny (2x25).
    Chuck uses yellow to show off his “superiority” status. In episode 1x03, he is wearing a yellow polo shirt while he is getting ready for the Ivy League day. Generally speaking, the shirt of the St. Judes uniform – whose colour shows the prestige of the private school – often is red striped when it is worn by Chuck to emphasize the position of power and royalty of his character (1x10).

    Yellow is indicative of energy, strength, liveliness, extroversion and growth, but also of attention, perspicacity and concentration. Who wears yellow feels good with themselves: it is a colour linked with the sense of identity, the self and the strong and outgoing personality. In episode 3x03 Chuck is wearing yellow braces. In fact, he’s dealing with one of his business SL –he is trying to open his own club. In episode 3x08 he’s wearing a yellow tie when he throws a party for the election of the congressman.

    Who wears yellow seeks importance and the attention of the others. In episode 2x14 Chuck is wearing it when he is back from his trip to Thailand, after Bart’s death. It is a sign of his will to draw attention to himself, but also of his “strength” after his phase of deep depression.

    Yellow is the colour of pride andindependence. It is a colour also linked with the indecision and anxiety of people who never rest and are always busy following their ambitions. Moreover, stars are yellow, so the colour is linked with famous and successfulpeople. For example in episode 2x03 Blair wears a very bright yellow dress, in contrast with the episode’s title “The Dark Night”. In spite of her relationship with Lord Marcus and her apparent focus on her future, Blair gives in to temptation of a passionate moment with Chuck.
    Yellow is the colour ofmystery and suspense –detective stories are called yellow stories in Italy- so it is linked with moving forward to reach something which is still unclear, towards the future.

    In episode 2x22 Blair is wearing yellow when she starts dating Nate again. In fact they’re both focused on college and in the following episode Nate even asks her to live with him (2x23).
    It’s a colour linked withfrivolity and the desire of changing and living new experiences. Who chooses this colour needs possession, hope and waits for a greater happiness. In the season finales (2x25, 3x22) Blair wears yellow and green as a sign of her desire to find a way out of her problems, so she can finally relax and be more serene. During her internship at W (episode 4x14) Blair wears yellow and green as well when she has to earn a good performance review from her boss Epperly.

    From a psychological perspective, relaxation is the liberation from all problems and adversities. Yellow is then associated to enlightening andredemption. Chuck wears it during the episodes of his relationship with Eva as a symbol of his desire to become a better man. Especially in episode 4x03, Chuck is wearing yellow when he meets his dear ones with the intention of apologizing for his mistakes.

    In the East, yellow is the colour symbolizing fertility and royalty. In Japan too yellow has a similar meaning, in fact in the past it could only be worn by the royal family members. In episode 5x02, Blair wears a yellow and orange outfit because her royal status is clear at this point. In fact, she is the fiancée of Prince Louis Grimaldi of Monaco and she is taking a stroll with Beatrice, a member of the Monegasque royal family. Her Stella McCartney skirt has a lemon and orange pattern, which symbolizes prosperity and fertility - Blair is pregnant.
    In episode 4x18, Chuck arrives at the photo shoot for New York’s most prestigious families with a yellow badge on his chest, as if he were noble.

    In episode 5x05, Blair is wearing yellow when she selects her bridesmaids. She has lemons and green leaves drawn on her shirt to symbolize the sun, joy and fertility, but also the future bride’s sour, bitter and sharpbehaviour.
    Many native American tribes painted vibrant yellow circles around their eyes, thinking that this would make them able to hypnotize the enemy and they wore black and yellow gowns because this colour combination has a warning function in the animal world symbology: animals with these colours hide a dangerous poison (wasps, for example).

    Blair, being the Queen Bee of Constance, often wears yellow/black or yellow/dark blue outfits (1x15). In the third season, she wears these colours when she misses her old reign: 3x02, 3x03, 3x04. The golden and black Marchesa Blair is wearing at her prom night (2x24) emphasizes this Queen Bee meaning. In addiction, the peacock tail embroidery points out that her reign has come to an end. In fact, peacocks are the animals that symbolize “vanity”, not just intended as narcissism, but also as the “finitude” of things that vanish. Another dress with a peacock pattern is the one that Blair is wearing during the car accident that will cost her the loss of her child (episode 5x10) – it is not clearly visible in the pic-spam, but in addition to the red fruits there are peacocks with closed tails.

    Yellow flowers are typically linked withinfidelity, betrayal and jealousy. In fact, they are Elizabeth Fisher -Chuck’s mother-’s favourite flowers. Yellow roses can be the sign of her betrayal of both Bart and Chuck and of her decision of leaving her family.
    Chuck himself brings yellow roses to Blair in episode 2x01, approaching her as someone who has betrayed her trust (1x18). The same flowers show up in Season 3, when Chuck brings them on his father’s grave the night he sees Elizabeth for the first time.
    Louis gives Blair a yellow diamond to ask her to marry him. Perhaps it is already a sign that their marriage will be a mise-en-scène , acted out of self-interest and that Blair herself will be an unfaithful fiancée and wife.



    Chuck:1x06 1x13 1x14 1x15 2x04 2x11 2x20 3x01 3x02 3x16 4x04 4x05 4x12 5x01 5x08 5x11

    • In fact, they are Elizabeth Fisher -Chuck’s mother-’s favourite flowers.
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    (Nature, relax, anger and hope)

    Green is the colour of Nature and the vegetal world, therefore it is the colour of life itself. It also represents happiness, optimism and hope (in 2x25 and 3x22, which are both season finales, Blair hopes that her situation will change and she will be happy, even though in Season 3 her expectations are far too high and she ends up being disappointed). Green means life for Buddhists too (Chuck is wearing green socks in 5x09 during his meditation session with a Buddhist monk).

    Green represents the balance of energies. In 4x01 Blair is wearing a light green outfit while reading Colette’s novel, Gigì on a bench in Paris. This colour shows her intention to find again her balance, relax, ponder and reach a state of serenity. In fact, after breaking up with Chuck, Blair dedicates herself to more regenerating and ascetic activities such as reading, visiting art galleries and eating sweets like a modern Marie Antoiniette. Green is also the colour of spring rebirth and of the tree blossoms. It is linked to Venus, goddess of love and fertility. It is almost ironic that Blair gets pregnant at the end of the season, in fact the hint - as it often happens- was already in the premiere.

    A sense of solidity, stability, strenght, constancy and a persevering attitude correspond to green. In 2x01 Blair stubbornly keeps alive her relationship with Lord Marcus, although she is growing a feeling for Chuck. The same happens in 5x11: she tries to be coherent with her vow to God. Something similar happens in 4x07 as well, during the peace treaty with Chuck. Therefore green denotes an inner tension. In fact, Blair strives to control her lust and her passion by being faithful to her steady and traditional values which never change.

    Choosing green also indicates self-confidence and search for a better life.
    Blair uses green to prevail against others (in 1x18 against Georgina) to force her own opinions on people and when she tries to improve her and her beloved ones' positions. She wants to impress, she needs to be at the centre of attention, to act in her own way despite oppositions and general resistance. Blair wears dark green mostly while looking for Eleonor’s approval. For example, in 1x04 she's annoyed by her mother ignoring her and dedicating her attentions to Serena. She thinks that her mother chose her for the photo shoot, therefore she feels strong and proud of herself, but her expectations crash and she is left in a state of bitter disappointment.

    Similar situations take place in 2x11 and 4x12.
    In 1x13, when the scandal of her relationship with Chuck can ruin her reputation at Constance, Blair is wearing green as symbol of pride and power but even this time, the epilogue is dramatic. Blair is discouraged and disappointed. During the storyline about Yale (2x06) Blair is wearing green mixed with yellow when she meets the Dean for her interview (she's resolute to win him with her traditionalist and moral attitude), while she is dressed in a dark-green outfit at the admission party during the evening and ends up having a catfight with Serena (in this particular occasion, green means anger and envy In fact, a popular expression is to be green with envy ).

    In Season 3 the same colour returns in episode 3x06: Blair is visiting Chuck to apologize for her unfair and calculating behaviour (her scheme to make him kiss Mr. Ellis) and she ends up sad and wretched having breakfast with Vanessa. In these episodes Blair’s behaviour can also be considered “immature”, since dark green sends back to this aspect of being young with an immature personality still to be made and still changing, therefore yet growing.

    Sometimes green has a negative symbology. It is the colour of putrefaction . In the human body green is also a symbol of serious illness and death. In episode 1x07 Blair is wearing a quite severe green-grey lace dress. The family gathering with the Archibalds is exactly a situation of “stability” and “perseverance” ( the future parents-in-law are there, Blair tries Anne Archibald’s ring on), both of them symbolized by green, as it has already been explained. However, it is also a situation of big oppression and disappointment. The flat green of her dress, which tends to ash-grey, symbolizes Blair’s broken expectations, therefore her metaphorical death (she realizes that her relationship with Nate is spoiled because of his feelings for Serena and because the Captain is interested in her family money). Her rebirth at Victrola is particularly suggestive: Blair, by getting on the stage, is coming back to life from her own ashes, as a "phoenix" ; taking her dress off is a symbol of her showing her true nature.

    Green is a bridge between black (lifeless mineral) and red (blood, animal life). Therefore it is an ambivalent and of double tendency shade, the colour of vegetation (life) but also of corpses and mould (death). Green and black are linked with manure-vegetation. Therefore Blair wears green in epic moments of her life, to get out of darkness and to turn to life. This is the meaning of her green coats during the season finales and of the one in 5x16, the episode in which she starts the new and fresh relationship with “the good boy from Brooklyn” Dan, after the pain of her miscarriage and her disappointing and bitter marriage with Louis.

    Chuck seldom puts on green. Mostly he wears it when Serena needs help or when she is the main character of the episode. Other times green is worn by Chuck to show his immaturity and angst or in situations of interior reflection and constructive analysis of himself and other people. With Blair, green represents natural and fruitful love. On Chuck, green shows both his status as a powerful man with great self-esteem and as someone stable you can rely on when things go wrong.
    Chuck and Serena: green is par excellence the colour linked with Chuck and Serena’s brotherhood. Chuck wears it in 1x15 (even twice), 2x01 and 4x10, all episodes in which he interacts with Serena and helps her.
    Especially in episodes 1x15 and 2x01, in two scenes with Serena, Chuck is wearing a striped white and green jersey or t-shirt, respectively. In this case green and white are both connected with the brotherhood concept. White could show the purity of their bond as well as the healing of their connection (leaving behind them what happened in the pilot). Green could both stand for the naturalness of their bond, meant as spontaneity and freshness, and as the solidity of their lasting relation (they share the same family).
    In both cases, the choice of the horizontal stripes could be interpreted with two different meanings. On the one hand it supports the idea of green as a symbol of continuity and consistency of their brotherhood. On the other hand, it can symbolize a dividing line. Generally, lines represent borders, in fact they mark off areas. In other situations, a horizontal line is used to erase or delimitate something when traced on a word or an object. In road signs, lines have a fixed meaning which define limits and possibilities (see: zebra crossing). If green means access in the international code, the horizontal white line is a pointer of a limitation, a “no access” prohibition. Therefore, this association of colours worn by Chuck in his scenes with Serena could suggest a delimitation of their connection. In other words, Chuck and Serena share a simple sibling relationship. Nothing more.
    Chuck is dressed in green in episodes where he rescues Serena or protects her from difficult situations: in episode 1x15 Chuck is wearing green when he picks her up at the bar because she's drunk and hides her in his house. In these two cases green symbolize his authority and strong personality, because he is the one people go to when they’re in trouble and his self-criticism and self-sacrifice to help others. This is rather clear in the ending scene of the episode when he protects Serena from Dan but then tells her that she's making a mistake shouting Dan out. In that scene Chuck is wearing a colourful shirt with a green collar.

    In episode 4x10 we see a similar situation. Both Chuck and Blair are dressed in green because they're worried about Serena who disappeared before ending in the hospital. Chuck wears a checked green jacket with a green tie.
    In this case green indicates Chuck's personal balance in managing and understanding events and his ability to make the right decisions for him and for others. In fact not only does Chuck help to solve Serena's problem but, in the limo scene with Blair, he understands her confusion and decides that they can’t be together for the sake of both of them. Here green represents Chuck’s strong authority in controlling the circumstances and his reflection phase about his and others’ situation.

    Chuck and immaturity, anger, poison, envy: Chuck is dressed in green in episodes where he expresses his instinctive side, related to negative traits.
    In episode 1x02 Chuck is wearing a light green sweater when he throws Dan out of his hotel with immature, bitter and humiliating tones. The same meaning could be given to the green buttonhole Chuck has on the jacket in 4x05, when he starts his war with Blair and face her two times. The same happens in 2x07, in fact Chuck schemes with Blair to destroy Vanessa wearing a green shirt under a green vest and tie. In the first scene, green can represent the immaturity of his character: Chuck smugly shows up at the bar that Vanessa is trying to save, declaring that he wants to buy it. His arrogance and overconfidence make locals mock him. Afterwards, he shows up at Blair’s dressed in the same way, angry because his plan failed and resolute to give up, but she changes the conditions of the bet, convincing him to continue.

    Chuck and love, fertility, force of nature: in four episodes, green has a positive meaning associated with Blair. In fact, with Blair green represents altruistic love. Probably energetic and balanced love too, intended as a spontaneous and innate feeling that bounds them together deeply.
    The most significant scene is clearly the one of episode 2x01, when Chuck and Blair, surrounded by the Hamptons’ park, talk shyly about their feelings. In this scene green can represent their blooming love, which they aren’t ready to live. The fact that they’re completely surrounded by Nature, by the manor’s secular trees, can indicate the fecundity of their relationship: the roots can symbolize the long-lasting durability that their love for each other will have in their lives. Another episode where Chuck’s green outfit can be referred to fecundity and balanced love is 4x10. It has been said before that in this episode Chuck has an extremely reflective and thoughtful attitude in his relationship with Blair. In fact he’s calling the shots for the sake of both of them. However, in the first scene of the episode, when Chuck and Blair bump into each other at Lily’s, they walk forming a triangle with Dorota and her baby between them. Here green refers to the root concept, in other words to the idea of the construction of a stable relationship that can sprout and give fruits. It refers to Nature too, meant like cycle, reproduction and future prospective. In other words, family. With Blair, Chuck often wears green accessories, like his green tie in episode 3x11 or his green buttonhole in 4x08. In the first case, green can represent the serenity of their relationship and the maturity of being comfortable with themselves and with other people, which they reached together.
    Instead, in episode 4x08, green can symbolize the instinct on which Chuck and Blair relationship is based. In fact, both of them surrenders to their natural instincts during the episode.


    Blair:2x08 2x14 2x23 3x01 4x14 4x21 5x01

      In 5x01 Blair is wearing a white and green dress by Oscar de la Renta with green buds. In the end we find out that she's pregnant.
      However, in the first scene of the episode, when Chuck and Blair bump into each other at Lily’s, they walk forming a triangle with Dorota and her baby between them. Here green refers to the root concept, in other words to the idea of the construction of a stable relationship that can sprout and give fruits. It refers to Nature too, meant like cycle, reproduction and future prospective. In other words, family.

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