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Форум сайта » Сериал Gossip Girl » 5 сезон » Что пишут? (часть 2)
Что пишут? (часть 2)
BronzeДата: Воскресенье, 18.03.2012, 05:41 | Сообщение # 346
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The 10 Wittiest Characters on TV — Vampire Diaries, PLL, Gossip Girl and More!

Let’s face it. Even peeps on TV shows have to tell it like it is sometimes! Gossip Girl and Revenge wouldn’t be nearly as fun to watch without Chuck Bass saying “I’m Chuck Bass” every five minutes or Nolan Ross saying “Bad girl” when he sees a burning house. But they aren’t the only characters who’ve perfected snark. Here are more of our faves who are full of witty one-liners…

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl
GG would never be the same without Chuck Bass! Sure, his witty comments have mellowed out with his party boy ways, but we can still appreciate those less and less frequent zingers. The ultimate was when Chuck and Blair were happily dating without Louis in the picture. We miss those days!
Our fave quote: ”He looks like Matthew McConaughey between movies.”

BronzeДата: Воскресенье, 01.04.2012, 11:01 | Сообщение # 347
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Ed Westwick & Chace Crawford Look Wickedly Sexy For ‘Gossip Girl’ [PHOTOS]

Seriously, could the men of Gossip Girl be any sexier? Just look at Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford! It’s like someone put all the happiness in the world in a blender and out popped these two lovely lads. Ed and Chace were spotted on the set of the hit show doing what they do best–wearing fabulous clothes.

Last week we spotted Ed wearing a fabulously sexy suit and this week he’s in some sort of tuxedo thing. Also, he’s wearing red sock. Only Chuck could get away with that. This week it was Chace’s turn to sport the suit and boy does he do it well. I love photos from the Gossip Girl set because everyone is always dressed to the nines.

Don’t you sometimes wish you could be friends with Ed and Chace? That way you could just stare at them and it wouldn’t be weird cause you’re friends! Until that happens, feel free to stare away at all the photos in the gallery. Also, red socks. Can’t get over it!

Cyon80Дата: Среда, 11.04.2012, 16:01 | Сообщение # 348
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Gossip Girl Recap Season 5, Episode 19 “It Girl, Interrupted”

In Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 19 “It Girl, Interrupted” (original air date April 9, 2012), Diana Payne is back, stirring up trouble for Nate Archibald and Lola Rhodes. Chuck Bass is looking for his real mom — the person who donated his life-saving blood after the accident. We find out who really paid Blair Waldorf‘s dowry so she could divorce Prince Louis. Dan Humphrey hosts an unbelievably romantic date. Serena van der Woodsen tries to make Lola an It Girl. And Lily and Rufus‘s relationship gets shaken up by the Ivy Dickens drama. Details below…
Diana Returns – She’s back as the newest investor in The Spectator. And she’s stirring up trouble. Lola finds out that she and Nate used to date so she gets all jealous and upset (naturally) when she sees the latest post on Gossip Girl saying that Nate and Diana are going to The Spectator party together… as in a date. So Lola huffs and puffs about it to Serena who invites her, and Lola decides to bring her 16-year-old guy friend as her date. She causes a scene at the party (“Oh Nate, this is my date, etc, etc.”) and then somehow Diana starts making out with Lola’s date — cut to Lola and Nate filming the raunchy scene (read: blackmail!) But Diana’s not concerned about it because if Nate releases it, he’ll be sent to jail for filming and distributing child pornography. Doh!
Chuck Bass’s Real Mom? – He thought Elizabeth was his mom but he gets information that she was definitely not in town during the transfusion. So now he’s on a search again. And he wants Blair to be a friend to him during this time but she thinks he’s just being dramatic because he wants to be in her life right now.
Chuck Paid Blair’s Dowry – We find out that Chuck was the reason Blair was able to get out of the marriage. Nate knew because Chuck wasn’t able to invest in The Spectator because of it. And he slips up and tells Dan who gets worried that’s the reason why Blair hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. Since Dan thinks Blair knows, he mentions it to her. She’s very surprised and thinks Chuck did it so that he could have her. But no, no. Chuck reminds her he did it anonymously.
Dan’s Romantic Date – The real reason Blair hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet? It’s because she always wanted to be a princess and even though she married her prince, she never got to be one. She tells Dan this, who gets a genius idea for a date. He dresses her up like a princess and takes her to the steps of the Met where a group of girls see her and call her Princess Blair, begging to have their picture taken with her.
Serena Makes Lola An It Girl – Serena, who has Gossip Girl’s password right now and is acting as her, wants the focus to be on someone else when she gives the power back to GG. Her target? Lola. She uploads a sexy picture of Lola in a fireman’s jacket to Gossip Girl’s site and all of a sudden, everyone wants to know more about her. She even gets invited to be in the lingerie fashion show that Serena is in at The Spectator party. But at the last minute Serena gets pulled from wearing the design named after her because they are going to change the name to “The Lola.” So awkward….
Rufus Negotiates With Ivy – In an effort to get Lily’s apartment back from Ivy, Rufus asks her if she’d move out if they unfroze the assets. Ivy agrees. Lily is concerned about this but goes along with it and says she’ll do it. But then Rufus gets a call from Ivy’s lawyer who says Ivy moved out but there was no money at the bank for her. Turns out it was all Lily’s sneaky little plan to get Ivy out of the house. Rufus is upset about that. And it looks like Lily is back at the apartment while Rufus stayed in Brooklyn. Sad day.

Моё "люблю" слишком дорого стоит... Говорю это редко и мало кому
MsSophiaДата: Пятница, 13.04.2012, 08:13 | Сообщение # 349
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Ответ Блэр «я считаю, что я не привыкла видеть Чака несебялюбивым»

Когда я услышала, что сказала Блэр, я чуть не ударила кулаком по экрану своего ноутбука и не разбила его на части.

Что за чёрт БЛЭР: «что не привыкла видеть Чака делающим что-либо несебялюбивое???»

Ты серьезно ВСЁ, что он когда-либо делал с тех пор, как он был с тобой абсолютно несебялюбиво. Даже когда ты встречалась с Нэйтом, он все ещё был НЕСЕБЯЛЮБИВЫМ.


1. Он устраивал вам прекрасный выпускной бал, когда вы встречались с его лучшим другом.
2. Он голосовал за вас 150 раз за королеву бала.
3. Он ставил ваше счастье выше своего…МНОГО РАЗ.
4. Он отпустил вас 4х22 чтобы вы были счастливы с Луи.
5. Он видел, как вы целуетесь с Нейтом и ничего не сделал с этим.
6. Он был единственным, кто сказал Луи чтобы он не оставлял вас, когда книга Дэна стала общественным достоянием, «Не переставай думать по-своему из-за чей-то беллетристики».
7. Он поцеловал вас в 5х07, чтобы вы были свободной. «Единственный способ для Блэр двигаться дальше это если она будет думать, что я никогда не изменюсь. Я должен был поцеловать ее, чтобы освободить».
8. Он устроил так чтобы вы получили место в Колумбийском университете, когда вы застряли в Нью-Йоркском с Джорджиной.
9. Он сказал вам, что хочет чтобы вы были счастливы даже если не с ним. «Я просто хочу, чтобы ты была счастлива, мне очень жаль, что этого не может быть со мной».
10. Он вернул кольцо Гарри Уинстону, когда вы просили его чтобы он позволил вам идти дальше. «Я вернул его, потому что ты попросила меня отпустить тебя. Я хотел идти дальше, чтобы у тебя была счастливая жизнь, которую ты заслуживаешь».
11. Он заплатил фотографу 3х04 только для того, чтобы вы почувствовали себя особенной и поверили в себя ещё раз.
12. Он не хотел быть частью вашего мира, думая, что так лучше будет для вас. «Твой мир будет лучше если я не вернусь».


Он заплатил ваше чёртово приданое. И не хотел чтобы вы об этом узнали. И так ЗАТКНИСЬ Блэр и перестань быть сукой.

Ещё одна вещь вы ничего не возмещаете парню который просто заплатил ваше приданое обычное текстовое сообщение и отказались помочь ему с его проблемами, связанными с мамой когда он приезжает к вам.


Перевод специально для группы ♥Chuck & Blair♥!
inga_1977Дата: Среда, 18.04.2012, 01:51 | Сообщение # 350
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Gossip Girl made progress for The CW in the ratings last night (Monday), Nielsen overnight data indicates.

The Ed Westwick teen drama pulled in 1.1m (0.6) last night, its best audience since February.

BronzeДата: Воскресенье, 06.05.2012, 23:22 | Сообщение # 351
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Gossip Girl Recap Recap: Raiders of the Lost Art

This week, despite a Scooby Doo plotline that had the Upper East Siders decoding a diary/daybook with another book, commenters got a few of their wishes. GG writers seem to have awoken from their slumbers/comas (perhaps they faked their own deaths Bart Bass–style) and delivered on some recap comment pleas from long ago. Whatever the reason, commenters are happy about a few main players — dare we say it? — returning to their former glory. A quick scroll through mostly positive comments goes something like: Bart Bass is alive PLUS 10 BILLION, Queen B is back to scheming, RIDICULOUS story line (as usual), Chair is back!!!, and Dair is dying. Our thoughts exactly. Now on to the recap of the recap.

Realer Than Vanya Running Up the DSL Bill With a World of Warcraft Obsession

  • Dorota is Blair's 'inside man'. +10. Her skills are never ending.
    Gossip Girl's first blast back is hating on Dair. +20. SHE knows a Waldorf does not belong in Brooklyn. –CHUCKISMYPUPPY
  • Nate “played it clueless” when Diana asked about her day planner. There’s no other way you know how Nate, there’s no other way you know how. Plus 5.
    Congrats, Lola. Getting pancakes made by some boy toy in an Upper East Side apartment is the first step to being initiated as a Rhodes girl. Plus 10.
    There’s no way snob/hipster Dan texts “bout,” least of all to Blair. Minus 10.
    Of course Diana’s username is DIANAPAYNE, in all caps. Read in that fake British accent/attempt-at-sexy-cougar-voice-that-comes-out-as-a-growl. Plus 10. –HOUSEHUBBY
  • I promised this show something weeks ago (probably seasons ago, truthfully, but I'm too lazy to go through years of scoring to check) and now it has finally earned it...
  • Plus 10 for the return of Blair's writer. "Serena lite" and all of the wonderful Nate insults just warmed my heart.
    Plus 2 for this being the second week of the costume department making clear their allegiance to Chair. Why else would Blair be dressing Dan in a purple shirt in the first scene? –MACARONSANDSCOTCH
  • OMG the NJBC, Chair scheming, the Dark Knight Sr. Rises (from the dead), and HoHum says" I love you" only for Blair to respond in the coldest way possible (by not even awkwardly acknowledging it, but simply treating it like he said something as life-changing as "I make a mean apple pie, you know"). My life is complete. At least for the next 45 minutes. PLUS 100! –LPYCB42
  • Plus 25 for Serena's only real friends being the berries she spends all her evenings with, staring at but never eating. Along with Dan's sentient muppet hair, it's time for those berries to get their own place in the credits. They certainly get more screentime than Rufus. –FEED_THE_DUCKS
  • If there were ever any doubts that the GG writers are cribbing from these recaps, the numerous references to Nate the Pothead has officially removed them. +100 –NYMAG_FAN
  • Dan: "I love you.... you know that, right?"
    Blair, with a 'look at all the shits I give' expression: "I do now."
    Pretty much encapsulated their entire relationship in two lines. –ALLIEC
  • Plus 69 for Chuck's slinky moves in the brothel. He rubbed everything (whole body action) on that first lady of the night they encountered when there was more than enough room for him to just move aside.
    Plus 20 for Nate and Blair not reacting because really what else do you expect Chuck to do in a brothel. –14A
  • Real Gossip Girl talking about Dair: "Haven't we paid the toll enough for this relationship?" Plus 1000. –KANGAROOTATTOO
  • Ahhh the magic that is Chuck and Blair. Finally! +20. It'll be plus infinity if they get back together, but for now, it's a start.
    It does seem like the writing is taking cues from the NY Mag comments. I'll give the writers a +10 for that. At least they recognize some good stuff even if they can't actually think of it themselves.
    Was that a brothel or a petting zoo? Please. There's more action in a midwestern hotel chain on prom night. -50
    Bart's back from his extended stay in Offscreenlandia! No points though. The generous helping of points in favor are cancelled out by the stupidity and clumsiness of this lame plot. Has he been swapping secrets and gin with Cece? Will she return from Offscreenlandia? Or is she stuck there, babysitting Blair's lost baby who will not only turn up as not having died in the first place, but as the spawn of Chuck. I'd actually award infinity points for that too, if it means Chuck and Blair get back together. Basically I'll ignore a whole damn lot of weak and lame writing for a Chair reunion.
    +100 if the season finale ends with a shot of Bobby Ewing in Blair's shower. –3WORDS8LETTERS
  • Plus 15 for the unspoken "I'm the only hooker he needs!" that Blair basically said when she rolled over the castle ho. –ABBY_E
  • Blair's fake British accent is better than Diana's real British accent. Plus 3 –BROOKLYN_FOR_LIFE
  • It's a good thing Rufus has been staying in Brooklyn, it appears he won't be leaving anytime soon now. Welcome back Bart! (+718) –CHUCKISMYHOMEBOY
  • Since Bart isn't dead, his marriage to Lily wasn't terminated by his death and they certainly didn't get divorced. Lily's still married to Bart as well as Rufus! Plus +3 for adding bigamy to a show that regularly features incest. –ANNSTARRR

    Faker Than Bart Bass’s First Death

  • Dan has obviously never watched The Hills. You always choose Paris, Lonely Boy, ALWAYS! Learn from LC's mistake!
    But seriously, you can't spend like 9 weeks away from a girl you have been dating for a few weeks? With Skype and everything? -1000. –CHUCKISMYPUPPY
  • The show has gone from being dumb to utterly ridiculous! Bart Bass back from the dead? Eye roll. When did GG become GeneralHospital? -200
    So if Chuck already made a copy of the planner, then what’s the big deal with returning it to Diana? Incomprehensible plot contrivance. -12 --TOBLERLERONE
  • Is Blair's recent hair limpness attributable to the water pressure in Brooklynbeing substandard? No points, just wondering. –MARAHE
  • Dan tells Blair he trusts her. 10 mins later he stalks her, questions her, lies to her and gives up an opportunity of a lifetime because he cant handle his girlfriend spending time with her childhood friends and certain kink master in purple. – 10 –JJOVANA3
  • As I heard Dan say the words "O-G-B. Original Gangster Blair." my eyes slowly expanded in deep humiliation. Dan, seriously, I've been vouching for you on these comment boards for months. You are killing me. Minus 1000.
    "I think I just quoted Ray-J."-Dan
    "I don't know who that is, but sure."-Blair
    Firstly, why is a professional author quoting a "rapper"-turned-soul-sucking-celebutard? Secondly, I refuse to admit I know who he is too, all the time. Plus 20, because Blair hasn't stooped THAT low.
    Sorry B, but you look like a little boy in Herve Leger. Minus 2. –LDCLUNA
  • I want to try to get into a cab and yell "Follow this car" to see what happens in real life. –VOLANT
  • -100 If this turns into some kind of witness protection program thing, but plus 100 if it's the oposite and Bart is on the run from the law. –ANUNKINDRAVENBASS
  • What if it's really just a Bart Bass hologram produced by Dr. Dre? –TUCKERNUCK
  • Rufus Humphrey as the sole voice of reason?
    No. Minus a million. –THENEXT_MRSBASS
  • Love that the old gang is back together scheming but the detective work is a little suspect. They figure out Diana's secret with what is essentially a decoder ring? What is this, Scooby Doo? Minus 3. –24YANKS

    BronzeДата: Вторник, 08.05.2012, 22:25 | Сообщение # 352
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    7 TV Shows No Longer Worthy Of My DVR

    BronzeДата: Вторник, 08.05.2012, 22:42 | Сообщение # 353
    High Society
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    “Undeniable chemistry” - 5x23 Recaps
    “Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester play these roles so well and there is such undeniable chemistry between them that it is hard not to root for the “Chair” relationship to succeed.”

    “Then he delivers the best line of all: ‘Is there anywhere you have to be right now?’ As we will see the rest of the episode, where Chuck’s concerned, the answer for Blair is always no.”
    “Poor Chuck. So he tries to find out who was blackmailing his father. Guess who is going to help him? Queen Blair!”

    Hollywood Life
    “But just as Blair was preparing to host the interviewer, Chuck needed her help. And that is something she obviously can’t say no to.”

    Buddy TV
    “While Blair looks happy to be going off to Rome, there seems to be a hesitation there. Is it Chuck?”

    TV Fanatic
    “Perhaps most significantly, the second coming of Bart brought Chuck closer to Blair.”

    ImagineДата: Среда, 09.05.2012, 20:57 | Сообщение # 354
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    Gossip Girl 5×23 ‘The Fugitives’ photo recap biggrin

    ЕванжелинаДата: Среда, 09.05.2012, 21:25 | Сообщение # 355
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    Спасибо, Imagine, Вот все и объяснили

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